Friday, January 30, 2015

Be My Valentine Banner

Will you by my Valentine?  Make our February banner this weekend to hang in your home for the month.  You'll need:

5 pieces of card stock (8 1/2 x 11)
10 pieces of scrapbook paper (8 1/2 x 11)
1 package 1/2" wide DOUBLE FOLD bias tape
Elmer's glue, pencil scissors, sewing machine

I made one banner in reds with different scrapbook papers for each letter.  This one is all pinks with the heart in a different paper and the letter flags all the same.  Mix and match it how you would like.  First print off your banner flags.  Print page 1 on one piece of scrapbook paper, page 2 on one piece of card stock, page 3 on just white computer paper (this will be a pattern) and pages 4-12 on scrapbook paper.  

Cut out your flag pattern and trace it on the card stock.  You can fit 2 on a page.  Cut 9 flags.

Cut all your other banner pieces.

Glue the "be my" heart onto the heart in card stock.  Glue the scrapbook letter flags onto the card stock flags with top edges matching. 

Put your flag pieces in the order you will be sewing them.  

Measure in about 12" on your bias tape and insert the heart.  

Back stitch and start sewing down the middle of the bias tape.

Insert the "V" flag about 2"after the heart.

Insert each flag about 1 cm after the other.  

Back stitch at the end and measure another 12", then cut the bias tape.  You are done!  I thought I'd add some "frill" since this is for Valentines.  Cut two each of 3 to 5 pieces of ribbon in 10" strips. 

Lay your 2 sets out with the widest piece on the bottom working up to the thinnest.

Tie once around each side of your banner.

Love how this one turned out in all pinks and chevron.  Happy Valentines Day!

Mama's Cafe (aka Leftover Night)

Leftover night can sometimes be dull and a reason for kids to complain.  We like to make our leftover night a reason for fun!  Instead of calling it leftovers, we open our "restaurant" Mama's Cafe. 
 The kids help make a menu and list our leftovers as entrees.  We offer a couple choices for a fruit or vegetable for a side (fun to choose) and sometimes we will make an appetizer- such as sliced bread, cheese and crackers, something we can put a toothpick in! We also put "Chef Surprise" on the menu, which is a simple dish (such a spaghetti) that I put together as a secret.    
Someone gets to be the waiter, someone gets to pour the water or drinks and bring the appetizer, and someone gets to help me in the kitchen.  It is really fun and my kids really enjoy it.  To make it extra fun, let one of your kids choose the decoration for the centerpiece.  It could be a Lego creation, candles, My Little Pony collection- their choice.  I also keep a couple tablecloths on hand as well as an after dinner mint to make it special.   At the end of the meal, our Dad is often given a "bill"- nice try!~

Thursday, January 29, 2015

Valentine Card= Tic-Tac-XOXO Printable Game Board

Here's a fun Valentine game board to hand out to your class.  I originally saw this idea on Pinterest which linked me back to {Nest of Posies}.  It was such a cute idea, that I thought I'd make one of my own.  Instead of tic-tac-toe we have the Valentine version of Tic-Tac-XOXO!  I found these strawberry tic-tacs at Walgreens.  You can also purchase them online [here] or you buy any tic-tac box with two colors (one for each player).   
Print off the game board below on white or a colored card stock:

Just put them together in a cellophane bag and tie with a fun ribbon.  
Ready for the class Valentine party!

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Muslin Tie Wreath

This is my front door go to wreath for those months without a major holiday (i.e. January, March, May, August, September, etc.). It is simple yet I can't tell you how many compliments I get on it. I made it back in August and I still get questions about how to make it especially this past month when I put it back up after taking Christmas down. You will need:

a wire wreath frame
2 1/2 yards of oatmeal speckled muslin
1/4 yard of accent material (I used a navy polka dot pattern.)

First, cut your muslin. You'll need two different lengths/widths of material. Cut about 30 to 40 strips (depending on how big your wreath frame is) of muslin measuring 14 inches by 3 inches. Then, cut about 30 to 40 strips of muslin measuring 9 inches by 1 1/2 inches. 

Next, start tying. To tie the larger pieces of material, you'll want to weave the strip between the two outside wires of the wreath. Not sure if that made sense, but here's a picture. (Sorry, it came out a little blurry.) Once the material is weaved, you'll then bring the ends up wrapping them around the outer wire edges and double knot it. 

For the smaller strips, just wrap the material around the inner wires of the wreath and double knot the material. So, you will be tying a pattern. Tie a longer strip then a smaller strip. You will keep tying in this order until the wreath is covered. 

Here's the back of the wreath. Almost as pretty as the front! You can see the pattern of tying long, short, long, short, long, short from this side. 

Finally, for the tie to hang the wreath, I wanted to keep the material frayed like the muslin. So, I didn't do any sewing. All I did was cut the material to the length and width I liked and then made a double knot at the top for it to hang. So easy but like I said so cute! 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

White Chocolate Valentine Popcorn

A fun treat to make in the upcoming weeks.  You'll need:

16 cups popped, popcorn 
1 bag valentine colored M&Ms
7 boxes, (.75oz.) conversation hearts or a small bag
1 bag vanilla flavored chocolate candy wafers
red food coloring

Use an air popper for the popcorn.  Roughly measure out 16 cups and pour into another bowl.  

Pour the bag of M&Ms in with the popcorn and slightly mix.  (you don't want all the M&Ms to fall to the bottom of the bowl)  Pour all your conversation hearts into another bowl.  Reserve 1/2 cup of your chocolate wafers and pour the rest of the wafers in a microwave safe bowl.  Microwave for 30 seconds and stir. Keep up this 30 second process until all the chocolate is melted.

Pour melted chocolate over the popcorn and mix.  

When it is well coated, add the conversation hearts and mix.  Lay out a sheet of parchment paper.  Pour the popcorn mixture over the paper and spread out. 

Put the reserved chocolate wafers in the bowel you used for the chocolate.  Melt this with the same 30 second process.  Add a few drops of red food coloring.  

Drizzle this pink chocolate over the popcorn.  I put mine in a plastic bag and piped it over.  For piping: scoop your chocolate into the corner of a small zip lock bag.  Cut off the tip of the bag and squeeze chocolate through. You can just drizzle it with a spoon too. 

Let sit to harden.  

Play around with the mix and add other valentine candies or drizzle with dark chocolate.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Choose your Love, Love your Choice--Printable

Right in time for Valentines Day.  Print and frame this lovely print!
Comes in all grey or a red love with grey.  Fits an 8x10 frame. 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Personal Lamp Shades

I am forever grateful to my friend for showing me how to recover lamp shades. I'm kind of addicted to it now.

This shade is found in our family room. 

And, this shade is found in our master bedroom.  

I honestly don't think I own a plain white or beige shade in my entire house. I love how a simple thing - like recovering a lamp shade - can add so much color and design to a room. Here's the play by play on how you can personalize your own lamp shades.

First, find that shade that is just itching for a make over. This lamp is in my daughter's room on her night stand. I've been anxiously waiting to recover it.

Second, with tissue paper, make your own pattern. Wrap a single sheet of tissue paper around the shade and delicately tape it in place. You may need to tape two sheets of tissue paper side by side length wise to get the length you need to wrap. With a pen, mark the edge of the top and the bottom of the shade. This does not need to be an exact science. You'll be covering up the edges. You just need a basic measure of the shade's width and shape.

Third, carefully peel the tape off and cut out your pattern. Lay your pattern on your material and pin down before cutting it out. You will want to add about a half inch to the length at both ends. You need to do this because sewing the two ends together will take some length off your material. Adding a bit of material to each end will ensure that your material will fit over your shade.

Fourth, wrap your newly cut material around your shade ("good" side toward the shade) and pin. Your pins mark where you will sew. You want the fit to be snug.

Fifth, sew using your pins as markers for your seam. And,

iron your seam open faced. You will want to be sure to do this so when you fit your material over the shade you don't have a weird bulge.

Next, turn your material inside out and slip over your shade. You are almost done!

Finally, hot glue bias tape to the top and bottom edge. See it's ok if your edges aren't straight. You're covering them up! You'll want to buy extra wide double fold bias tape. Because I was using a gray pattern for the shade, I wanted to add a pop of color with the bias tape. I love the bright pink up against the lamp's light blue base. For gluing, use a high temp glue gun and make sure the fold of your bias tape is down. You don't want the tape's fold to fall open because it was glued upside down. You will put a dot of glue and then cover it with your bias tape. You will continue this process slowly inching your way around your shade.

You are now done! I love the design element a simple, covered shade can add to a room!

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