Friday, October 22, 2021

Funtastic Friday #355

 One week until Halloween!

It's going to be so fun to have trick-or-treaters again this year

and a trunk-or-treat event to attend too!

Are you working on any last minute spooky projects?
Beth created these fun ghosts out of empty plastic bottles, felt and poly-fill batting!
Love this easy craft and that the materials are inexpensive--
you might even have everything sitting around your home!

Carrie has the 411 on making mason jar ghosts.
 Wouldn't these be fun lit up with tea lights on your Halloween table!

Let's get right to this week's Funtastic Friday Link Party!

Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Funtastic Friday #354

Are you gearing up for Halloween?

Nothing better than starting out the evening with a special holiday dinner.

Set up your own spooktacuar dinner with this table

Decor Lynne has created. 

And add in some of our Halloween table decor ideas.

A simple arrangement you can put together with things from around the house and inexpensive add ins.

Hey all you ghouls and goblins, 

it’s time foe this week’s link party!

Friday, October 8, 2021

Funtastic Friday #353

I'm been surprised not to really find Halloween items in the stores this year.

 Most stores put up a new holiday months in advance, not the case this year.

And one of my favorite stores isn't even carrying Halloween anymore.

Look's like we've got to do a little DIY for this holiday.

We're just into fun Halloween decor here, 

nothing gory or vile.

So we're loving Lisa's cute Frankenstein made from a jar.

Make some of our mad scientist apothecary JARS too
with spooky jar lid toppers 
and printable labels. 

It's time for another link party!
Looking forward to your Halloween ideas!

Thursday, September 30, 2021

Funtastic Friday #352

Let's kick off the weekend right,

with the next Funtastic Friday link party!

My husband loves homemade bread-who doesn't?!
I rarely get around to making any but Stacie's soft sandwich bread looks like a recipe we would love.
Inspired to make some homemade bread! 

And try out Kristin's French bread.
or any one of our other bread recipes {here}

Last week was high school Homecoming for us.
Super busy but really fun!
The school hosts a parade in the community 
with different clubs and sports providing the floats.
Some of the elementary and middle school that feed into the HS have floats too.

This year's theme was Hollywood.
Here's the soccer float that our girl's team put together.
Go Lady Cougars!

Let get to the party! 

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Funtastic Friday #351

 Welcome to another week of the best link party around!

I'm getting into soups right now and ready to try some new recipes.
Malynda has a terrific ham bone soup with added kale.
It reminds me of the white bean ham bone soup my grandma used to make.

Another favorite of mine from last year

What are some of your family favorites?

Share them in this week's link party 
along with all your other DIY ideas for Autumn.

Friday, September 17, 2021

Funtastic Friday #350

 Such a nice change when the weather gets cooler

and even a little rain shower here and there.

It's time to get ready for Autumn!

I just bought some pumpkins to sit next to our fireplace.

Real or crafted pumpkins are an easy way to decorate for Fall. 
Janet gives the instructions on how to make your own chunky yarn pumpkin.
Love that cozy feel of the yarn and the wood stems.

Check out our little velvet pumpkin beauties too.
You can find more of our new Fall finds for this year {here}

Time for Funtastic Friday!

Sunday, September 12, 2021

Funtastic Friday #349

 Welcome back to another week of Funtastic Friday!

I've always wanted to learn how to make applesauce
but it seemed like such an involved project.
Joy has a recipe using her Instant Pot
that just might be one I can handle to try my hand at it!

Another apple favorite is our apple pie.
You can find the recipe {here} 

Don't forget to check out our 18 Fall finds 
all for under $20!
Great ideas for bringing a little Autumn inside your home. 
You can find it right {here}

It's time to party!

Monday, September 6, 2021

18 Finds to Get Your Home Ready for Fall for Under $20

 There are several inexpensive things you can to bring in all the Fall vibes to your home this season. 

First of all, just look around your house and outdoors

 for what you already have and use these items first. 

Zero in on Fall colors, pumpkins, leaves, apples- anything that you can use or repurpose for free. 

It's always fun to add in one or two new items for your decor too,

but we don't want to break the bank!

Today we're rounding up some of our current fabulous Fall finds

 and inexpensive options to warm up your home for Autumn. 

And everything is under $20!

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Funtastic Friday #348

 We plant a small garden every year

and just had a mini "harvest" of zucchini and tomatoes. 

Carol's recipe is just the dish for our zucchini and tomatoes in a gratin.

Making this tonight!

Summer is coming to an end and we're gearing up for Fall.
Using a rustic box is one of our favorites ways to display mums. 
Get the 411 on making your own rustic box {here}

Time for this week's inspiration at Funtastic Friday!


Thursday, August 26, 2021

Funtastic Friday #347

 Welcome to another week of Funtastic Friday!

We had a wedding last weekend!

My daughter got married. 

The first of my kids, it's hard to believe.

The wedding was on the groom's parents property right on a lake.

So beautiful with the landscaped shoreline and 2 docks leading out to the water.

What a wonderful event!

 Look for a post next week of some of the decorations

 and little extras that made the day extra special.

There were a couple of Adirondack rockers that you could sit in overlooking the lake.

It reminded me of  T'onna's crocheted pillows out on her deck.

Everything lemon has been so popular this summer

and this lemon slice pillow adds a fun punch to her Adirondack chairs.

Let's get right to this week's party and host picks from last week!

Friday, August 20, 2021

Funtastic Friday #346

 You know when your house hits that age...

when it's time to replace or upgrade?

We're past it! 

A couple years ago we finally updated our 1990 kitchen

and now the next on the list is bathrooms.

Julie has put together a great buying guide for 33 different sink faucets.

This is so helpful as I start to gather ideas!

Just crossing my fingers that we can start our bathroom projects within the year. 

You can find our kitchen inspo board {here}

Can't wait to see what you're linking up this week on 
Funtastic Friday!

Welcome to this week's edition of 

Thursday, August 12, 2021

Funtastic Friday #345

 Summer salads are the best!

Quick to make and a light meal in the heat of summer.

Estelle has a black bean summer salad that looks delish!
It could even double as a pico de gallo with some of your favorite chips.

You can find all our salads {here}
And our current favorite pico de gallo recipe {here}

Let get right to this week's Funtastic Friday!
We're so glad you stopped by for some summer DIY, recipes, crafting and homemade inspiration.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

Funtastic Friday #344

 It's back to school for us already!

Not loving this school calendar, but the kids are back.

And we hit the milestone of our youngest being a senior-

our last year of high school!

It's always a nice gesture to give your new teacher a little something to kick off the new year.

Niki has a fun printable tag that you can tie on any item relating to Fall.

Don't forget our printable Teacher Survival Kit.
It's good for a good chuckle and includes items your teacher will really use!
You can also find all our printable teacher gift tags {here}
and back to school ideas {here}

Onward to this week's link party!

Welcome to this week's edition of FUNTASTIC FRIDAY LINK PARTY!

Thursday, July 29, 2021

Funtastic Friday #343

 Always looking for things to keep the kids busy in the summer.

Include time for the kids to create and use their imagination.

Can you remember as a kid making little pom pom critters?
Megan is bringing back the craft with her tutorial. 

You can find more craft projects for kids {here}
and for teens {here}
Don't forget all our projects in our Summer Fun Fridays series.

Including our Kids Olympic crafts.
Go team USA!


Thursday, July 22, 2021

Funtastic Friday #342

Have you been grilling this summer?

Lois has a great oven baked barbeque rib recipe and rub.
She has easy to follow instructions for prepping your ribs, 
the rub/sauce mix
 and how to wrap them up in foil for baking.

I live in a hot climate 
so to avoid heating the house in the summer with the oven on,
I've cut the rib rack in half, add rub and sauce and cook in a crock pot.
Or of course get that rack of ribs out on the grill!
Place the foil wrapped ribs on a low temp grill
 or coal embers to cook it slow for a few hours.
Add a fun apron for your cook and another dry rub option by
checking out our "grill master" apron and dry rub with jar label {here}

Time for another week of Funtastic Friday!
One of the best link parties around!



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