Monday, March 16, 2020

24 Craft Projects & Activities to do with Kids

Are you stuck at home because of the virus 
and wondering what you're going to do with the kids for weeks?

Organize your days and have a craft time!
Kids love creating and using their imagination so
try one or all of our 24 ideas to keep the little ones occupied.

Hours of fun with slime.
We called ours "super hero slime", kids can use their imagination as they fight those slimy villains. 

Learn about an artist and create a work of art in their style.
Here we've got an easy Mondrian project that the kids will love.

Make a fairy garden.
Get the kids outside to find little "treasures" for their fairy garden.
Don't have a fairy? Any little play figure will do.
Lots of creative fun with this project.

Time to pull out some games.
Have a game hour with some of your favorites.
We made this super size Jenga.
 When the kids aren't playing the game,
they build things with the blocks!

Still have wintery weather? 
How about making a Q-tip snowflake.
Every real snowflake is different and so will your creations.
Make a bunch for a wintery wonderland.

Kids love being superheroes.
We've got the 411 on making your own cape and shield .
Simply use a plastic table cloth and paper plate.
We even have some ideas for going on a scavenger hunt in the post ;)

Older kids will get into making  paracord bracelets

Another fun weaving project found {here}
You can leave the ends fringed, or grab every 6 or so on the end and tie in a knot.
Go online and learn about Navajo rug weaving to go along with this project.

Kids can get really creative with making sculptures out of 
packaging popcorn. They could make a scene from their favorite book.
Or give them a theme for theme to create from.

What about some music fun.
Make your own maracas with empty Easter eggs and dried beans.

If your kids are into Kinetic sand,
you can find the instructions for making a table top sandbox {here}

Make a simple braided bracelet.
Add buttons or beads for some extra style.
Other bracelet ideas made with buttons can be found {here} and {here}

Have the kids draw out a simple pattern and cut out of felt or other material to make their own stuffed animal. Learning some basic sewing with this project.
Can you guess what this creature is?

Plan a day of outdoor Olympic games.
First make our Olympic torch craft and country flag.
Come up with your "events" like skipping rope, throwing a ball into a bucket, run a relay, etc.
Then come back inside to make your own medal.
Guaranteed to take up a good chunk of your day
and wear the kids out :) so they are ready for some quiet time.

Create simple stick pupets with paper plates and popsicle sticks or ever a stick from outside.
Here we've got the pattern for making a Day of the Dead sugar skull.


More basic sewing but with a sewing machine.
Super fun headbands

Make your own book.
Create a new story or write about what you did last summer or on your favorite vacation. 

Another art project.
This time with straws and paint.

or balls in paint
A good artist to learn about with both these projects is Jackson Pollock.

For all those readers out there.
A paperclip bookmark!
This is a great time to read! Maybe choose a book that you'll read each night to your kids before bed. I did this one year with the book Heidi. I sat in the hallway between all the kids bedrooms and read a chapter after they were tucked in for the night.
Or make a reading chart and see how many books they can read in a week.
Choose a book and create a meal or project about something from the story.
Lots of things you can do with books!

Decorate something with washi tape

Make your own flower ring
then dress up and have a tea party.

Star Wars fans,
pull out those pool noodles or make your own fabric light sabers

Get some yard work done
and prep an area to plant a garden. Home centers are just getting in their sprouted plants and seeds.
Pick up some paint sticks
and have the kids stencil or just write out with a sharpee to make garden markers.
If you plant some seeds now,
you'll get some sprouts before they head back to school!

Make the most of our extra long spring break!
We'd love to hear in comments some of your craft and activity ideas for the kids!

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