Friday, June 17, 2016

Fairy Gardens

My daughter and her friend made fairy gardens last week. It turned out to be a fun activity - perfect for a summer afternoon. Here's how they created their gardens.

We bought small terrarium vases at Jo Ann's. They were $4. We went with this size because the girls wanted to keep their gardens in their rooms on their desks or bookshelves.

They then went outside and gathered sticks, flowers, grass, rocks, tree branches, etc. for their gardens. It was like a scavenger hunt. They were armed with paper sacks to put their findings in and had only one rule: The items they gathered had to be on the ground. I didn't want them yanking branches and flowers off limbs and stems.

After their walk, they came back and created! It was fun to hear them talk as their creative juices flowed.

At Jo Ann's, we also bought these cute fairy figurines. We thought it would be nice to have an actual fairy in the garden.

My daughter has switched out her garden a couple of times. She's having lots of fun adding new pieces and rearranging old ones. She's already talking about how her garden will change when it is winter - a winter wonderland. These gardens make a cute addition to any bedroom or yard. They're pretty magical! 


  1. I love fairy gardens! We had so much fun making a small one this spring. Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday!

  2. Thanks Dee! Fairy gardens are a lot of fun and my daughter had a blast creating hers. Have a wonderful week!

  3. Creating fairy gardens are so much fun for kids. It was a good idea to keep them contained in the small terrarium vases.They are super cute!

  4. Those just the cutest Carrie. I'm slightly obsessed with fairy gardens and love making them. It always makes me smile when I hear about kids making them. It's something that will stay in the memories forever

  5. Oh my goodness, how cute is that??? I love this idea - I think my girls would have great fun making their own fairy gardens. I guess we'll be making a trip to Hobby Lobby for some cute little fairies! Thanks for sharing at the #HomeMattersParty - hope to see you again this week at the link up. Nina @ Vintage Mama's Cottage

  6. Those are absolutely adorable! I just love fairy gardens. These are so cute and just the right size for a small space. I just love those.


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