Monday, February 22, 2016

Peasant Bracelet

My daughter braided for me a long twine chain the other day. I doubled the large loop and wore it as a necklace. As I passed the mirror and noticed the simple chain, the thought came to mind, "It's so simple, but cute." Then, the idea hit me, "Why not make a bracelet?!" So, that's exactly what we did last week. I asked my daughter to braid for me a smaller twine chain. I wanted to triple loop it around my wrist. I then decided to sew on a few beads. I'm calling it, "a peasant bracelet." Here's how to make one.

First, get your twine. You don't have to use twine. You can use yarn, ribbon, jute. You'll want a long piece because it will quickly grow shorter once you begin braiding. Remember longer is better. You can always cut your braid shorter if needed at the end.

You can make a standard braid by weaving three pieces together or you can make a chain. Here are the steps to making a chain if you decide to use this method. First, make a small hook at one end.

Then, create a slip knot.

Now, begin your chain by bending the twine just below the slip knot into a hook and place through the hole of  your knot. Tug on the piece you just placed through the hole to secure. You should now have a new hole. Again, take the twine just below the new hole and bend into a hook. Place through your second hole and tug to secure. Keep doing this process until you reach your desired length of chain.

Here's the finished chain.

Now, finish the chain by pulling the end of your twine through your last loop and pull.

Tie the two ends together to make a large loop.

Wrap your loop around your wrist how ever many times you are able - 3, 4, 5. The larger your finished loop the more times you can twist around your wrist. Then, with a marker place small dots on your chain as to where you want to sew your beads on.

Pick out the beads you'd like to use. You can buy small packages of beads at your local craft store. These packages contain a variety of bead sizes and colors.

Sew on your beads and you're done! I love the simple, "shabby chic" look :)

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