Friday, August 28, 2015

Summer Memory Books

It's our last post for Summer Fun Fridays!  It has been fun to share some fun and simple ideas for families to do to keep summer great.  Thanks for joining us-I hope it has lead to many fun adventures or ideas of your own!
  Our last idea is fitting as summer is winding down and school is starting up- Summer Memory Books!  We have done several different types of these books over the years.  All are simple ways to record fun memories, messages, and pictures of the wonderful things we did throughout the summer.  They can be simple written journals or, for younger children, pictures that they have drawn of special things they did with captions by you.  You could also make a scrapbook where kids can record and save pictures, share written memories, and keep special items.    We often will read these little books as bed time stories at night and they are wonderful ways to record history and introduce kids to journal writing.   

My youngest daughter's summer scrapbook from last year.

Written memories of some favorite things she did.

A keepsake pouch where she keeps some special collections from the summer such as stickers, a ticket stub from an aquarium, and a bird feather.

Another memory book idea: My youngest daughter's summer journal from this year.

Inside are her drawings of the things she did this summer and I caption them.  Here is a picture of our fishing trip!

We hope your summer was wonderful with many great memories of time together as a family!

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