Friday, July 15, 2016

Rug Weaving

Growing up in Arizona, I remember learning a lot about Native American tribes in the Southwest and their cultures in school.  There were always trips to places like the Heard Museum in Phoenix and botanical gardens.  I also remember learning how to identify certain cactus and making fun crafts.  One such craft involved  making cardboard "looms" and weaving yarn rugs on them.  They were so fun to do and easy for most ages.  Our family started our own this Friday for some summer fun!  Try it out to!

You Will Need:

Stiff Cardboard (like from a box) cut into rectangles (about 10X12 is a good start)
Yarn in any color you like

Cut out your looms!

Cut even slits into the top of the two "tall" sides.  

Wrap yarn around each slit from behind and down slit to slit as shown above.  Tie off each end on the last slit.  Wrap tight.  These yarn "lines" will be where you weave your yarn strips to make your rug.  

The more slits you make, the tighter and more sturdy your rug will be.  This loom will make a stronger rug as it has more slits to weave around.  The rug above it, is a good starter size for smaller fingers just learning!

Start your weaving by going over the first yarn line and then under the next.  Continue to follow this pattern to the end.  With your next piece of yarn, go the opposite direction by going under the first yarn line and then over the next and so forth.  Pull your yarn strings tight down to the bottom after several passes.   We are still weaving ours, should be done very soon and I will post the results!  When you are done, Trim your edges so they are not so long.  Then simply pop your yarn lines out of the slits and your rug is removed and ready to be enjoyed!  Happy weaving!


  1. What a great project for kids! Thanks for sharing at Merry Monday! Visiting from Have a great week!

    1. Thanks Sara, the kids had a fun time with this project!

  2. Thanks for sharing on Peace, Love, Link Up! Looking forward to seeing you next time! : )

  3. its been many months when is the results picture coming


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