Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Pioneers and Buttons

Pioneer Day is July 24th! What is Pioneer Day you may ask? Here is a link that will tell you all about it. In preparation for Pioneer Day, our Activity Day girls are going on a Legacy Hike. They will do a short hike before stopping to eat lunch. Then, after lunch, they will attend three "classes" to learn more about our pioneer heritage and how the pioneer legacies can influence their lives for good as they strive to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm really excited to be asked to teach one of these classes. I've been assigned to talk about the Legacy of Sacrifice. (The other two classes are:  Legacy of Faith and Legacy of Courage.) I want to share with you my thoughts and plans in hopes that you may find them useful for your own Pioneer Day celebrations or for an upcoming Family Home Evening.

My thoughts are centered around Bathsheba Smith. She is a woman of great strength,valiance and humility. I am always struck with reverence when reading her account. She left her home and most of her possessions behind in Nauvoo so she and her family could begin their trek to the Salt Lake Valley.

Here is her story along with questions the girls and I will discuss. 

Most of our discussion will focus on this question: What's In My Wagon? Basically, what activities, thoughts, possessions, goals, etc. do I have in my life? Do these things lead me to or away from my Savior? What sacrifices do I need to make so I can be sure that my wagon or life is following Jesus Christ? 

After our discussion, we will make button bracelets. Because the pioneers brought basic sewing materials with them in their wagons, we will make these bracelets to help us remember to fill our wagons or lives with the necessities of discipleship. The bracelets are very simple which perfectly match the theme. 

First, find or buy a largish button. Jo Ann's has some really cute wooden buttons right now. You get eight buttons for just over $2. I bought two packages along with some other buttons. 

Next, cut two strips of jute, baker's twine, embroidery thread or braiding cord. 

Weave one of the threads, jute, twine, etc. through one hole of the button so a loop appears. 

Then, take the two ends and thread them through the loop and pull. You now have one side of your bracelet complete! Do the same on the other side of the button. 

Finally, tie the ends together and your pioneer button bracelet is finished! 

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