Friday, August 12, 2016

Superhero Day

Each summer my older kids put on a "Kid Camp"
It's a way for them to make a little money over the summer--
keeps my teens and tweens busy and creative.
Moms like it too,
especially when you get to that point in the summer when it's hard to keep kids entertained.

Kids ages 3-9 years can sign up to come.
They have crafts, games and snacks.
And a theme for each day.
Our last camp had a Superhero Day.
These ideas would be great if you were throwing a Superhero party too! :)

Every Superhero needs a cape.
We cut out these simple capes from a dollar store plastic tablecloth.
You can get 16 capes out of one cloth!
First, take it out of the bag and only unfold it so it's one long vertical piece 
about 9 feet long and 13 1/2 inches wide. (You'll still have a lot of folds in-between!)
Cut this piece in half so you have two 4 1/2' pieces.

Now, cut these in half so you have four 2 1/4' pieces.
In each of these 4 sections you'll have 4 layers of plastic.
Cut along the sides to give yourself 4 individual pieces of plastic.
You should end up with 4 pieces in each section that are 6 x 13 1/2"= 16 cape rectangles.

Fold this in half length-wise,
Cut an arc, starting along the fold side and ending at the top,
leaving about 2" on the side.

Unfold for your cape!

You can find more details on cape instructions  {here}

To make these a little more individual,
the girls had the kids design their own hero logo on half a piece of white paper.
Then we ran it through our sticker maker
and stuck it right on the back of the cape. Easy!
Check out some of these cute logos...



These heroes needed a shield too.
They decorated the back of a paper plate with markers.
We cut 2" wide strips of poster board, measured around their arm for easy on/off access and stapled.
Then hot glued these arm holders in place on the opposite side of the plate.

Now ready to "stand up for justice in a single bound!" 

The capes and shields provided tons of fun being superheros!
We had a snack and then made 

You never know when you might need some!
All of a sudden, we realized our prized pup, Sunnie,
was missing and the kids found this note:

That tricky Joker!
The kids had to go on a treasure hunt and solve the riddles
to find that pup and missing jewels!
(Joker note font {Earwig Factory})

The Joker was no match for these superhero kids!
They found the pup and the candy necklace jewels!

This was a lot of work for the girls,
but one of our favorite Kid Camp days.
The kids had a blast!


  1. What a fun idea!! Thanks for sharing with Merry Monday!

  2. Thanks! The kids especially liked our treasure hunt mystery.


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