Friday, June 5, 2015

Summer Fun Friday!

Join us for some summer fun every Friday!  Every week we will feature a fun summer craft, activity, game, or idea for you and your family to do to beat the summer boredom. 
Today's fun activity is Ball Art!

Ball Art

Have fun creating beautiful artwork with a tub and ball. This craft is easy to do, fun for all ages,  and requires items you  have around your home .  

What you will need:

Large bouncy ball
Storage bin or tub

Step 1

Place your cardstock paper in an old storage bin or tub.

Step 2

Squirt small drops of paint around the paper

Step 3

Add your bouncy ball, you could even use two or three if you like!  

Step 4

Roll your ball back and forth and all around in your tub by tipping the tub from side to side.  As it moves, it will drag the paint and create a beautiful picture!  Keep going until you like the result.

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