Thursday, January 14, 2016

Felt Yoda Stuff Animal

Like most, our family is Star Wars crazy at the moment! My daughter came up with this adorable felt Yoda stuff animal and took it to school the other day. It was so popular that she now has friends asking her to make them one! It is a simple, kid friendly craft and I give her all the credit. If you and your kids ever find yourselves inside on a cold, winter day, then this is the project for you! Just be prepared that as soon as others see your Yoda, you'll be taking orders :)

You will need green, brown and cream colored felt. First, draw your patterns. The green felt will be for Yoda's head and body. The head and body will be one continuous cut. No need to cut them separately. The brown felt will be for Yoda's robe and the cream felt for his undershirt. Once you have your patterns drawn, trace on felt and cut out. You can make your Yoda as big or as small as you like.

Next, with a glue gun, glue Yoda's robes. Only put glue down the center of the robes. If you put glue around the edges, it will make sewing more difficult because you'll be trying to sew through glue as well as felt.

Glue on the cream triangle on the front of Yoda as well as buttons for eyes. The gluing was the only part of this project I helped my daughter with. She did it all. See it is kid friendly! Also, my daughter drew a smile on Yoda as a pattern for her stitching.

With embroidery thread, stitch Yoda's mouth first before stitching Yoda's front and back together. Be sure to leave a space for stuffing. Once the stuffing is in place, stitch the hole closed. You are done! May the force be with you!


  1. So adorably cute! My kids are always wanting to sew and this is a perfect project.
    Our family is pretty crazy about Star Wars too!

  2. Kristie - I'm so happy you like it! Honestly, it is the perfect sewing project for kids. Plus, everyone loves Yoda so it's a win win!


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