Thursday, December 26, 2019

Funtastic Friday #260

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and
that 2020 will be one of the happiest new years! 

Do you ever make a wish for the new year? 
For yourself or someone else?
Maria explains the history behind making a wish and exchanging well wishes
as a part of New Year celebrations. 
I've never heard of this tradition but love the sentiment.
How nice would it be to have a jar of well wishes from your family and friends,
 just for you for the new year?!
She has some cute printables too for your wishes.

I just bought some clearenced tinsel garland 
to make a 2020 for this year's New Year's festivities. 
Learn how to make your own {here}

Now for the last link party of 2019...
Looking forward to all your DIY inspiration in 2020 too!

Friday, December 20, 2019

Funtastic Friday #259

I'm battling a cold,
but that won't keep me down! No time for it.
Y'all had so many great ideas from last week's party!
Hard to choose just one...

DIY Christmas Crackers/Noel & Joy - So Much Better With Age

I've always thought Christmas crackers would be a fun tradition for Christmas Eve.
Jaime has all the details on how to make your own.
What traditions do you have?
We always make cinnamon rolls
and drop them off at friends with a carol sung.
On Christmas Eve we have a big dinner,
read the Christmas story in the Bible,
get a new pair of PJs, 
and a special gift that is more Christ centered, 
share our thoughts on the "reason for the season",
set out cookies for Santa
and just sit with the lights low, tree lights glowing 
and doze off watching a Christmas music special
 as we wait for kids to fall asleep.

Stable ornament {here}
Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Funtastic Friday #258

I'm almost done with all the Christmas shopping!!
I'm just waiting for one more thing to go on sale Saturday.
I've got to mail a few packages and wrap the last presents.
We decided to do a New Years card this year, 
so I'm scheduling a photo shoot for after Christmas.
I'm trying to get everything bought, prepped, delivered and cleaned
before late next week when one of our kids returns from an 18 month church mission in Brazil.
We are beyond excited!

Christmas tree puff pastry appetizerWe'll have more relatives in town for the Christmas holiday.
We're writing up a menu for Christmas Eve.
Lois' festive puff pastry appetizer is so fun!
I'm going to have to make this for our crowd. 

Here are 25 more ideas to make your Christmas festive.

Let's get to this week's party....

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Thanksgiving Fun for Kids

Thanksgiving day is the time for kids to help with fun food prep,
crafts and activities to keep them busy.
Today we're rounding up 7 fun foods and crafts that the kids can help with. 

Easy Thanksgiving Turkey Brownies from Walking on Sunshine Recipes.

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Funtastic Friday #257

It's cookie season!
What are your favorites? Do you have traditional holiday cookies you bake?
I have to say my ultimate favorite cookie is good ol' chocolate chip, 
but during the holiday season we have to make peanut blossoms and sugar cookies.
We seem to always make Swedish Rossettes for school--
sharing a cookie from your heritage.
As a kid, I always loved the coconut wreaths my mom would make, 
but I've never been able to duplicate those cookies as good as she made them.
I'm always up for trying out a new cookies variety.
Especially a soft cookie.
 Jenny has a soft ginger cookie that's a must to try.

Soft Ginger Cookies Recipe - Perfect for Christmas baking! on Mommy Evolution
My good friend just had her annual cookie exchange.
I love getting 12 varieties of cookies.
They sure come in handy for a crowd, when you have a party and need a quick treat to bring
 and just to please the kids at home.
At the cookie exchange,
I always bring my White Chocolate Cranberry Cookies.

You will love these!

Let's get the link party started!
This week on Funtastic Friday....

Wednesday, November 27, 2019

Funtastic Friday #256

Hope you've got your stretchy pants on
and are relaxing in front of a ball game or Hallmark movie right about now.
We'll be hitting some shops on Black Friday
(not the same as it used to be but still fun)
and going out to a movie.
On Saturday it's time to put up Christmas! 

Three embroidery hoop Christmas ornaments on white wood.

For years we have hosted a girls Christmas Craft party.
The girls make ornaments or little crafts to decorate their home.
We play games, have appetizers 
and drink our "famous" Snowy Pink Punch.

I'm always on the hunt for a new craft or ornament for the girls to make.
Pamela embroidery hoop ornaments would be a great craft for the girls to make.

You can find all our kid craft party ideas {here}
along with links to kid friendly ornaments. 

Time for this week's Funtastic Friday!

Friday, November 22, 2019

Funtastic Friday #255

What happened to November?
Thanksgiving is right around the corner. 
I'm so excited this year to have my kids and father-in-law come in town.

We're starting to make a list of
places we want to go and things to do.
Plus all the good food we want to eat!

platter of penguins

Always looking for "fun" food
Can you believe Carol's penguin appetizers?!
I've never seen this done before... 
 they're super cute and creative!

You can find all our appetizer ideas {here}

Let's get this party started!!

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Fantastic Friday #254

I'm always looking for some kind of appetizer or snack
to tide us over until a late afternoon Thanksgiving dinner.

Cranberry Cheese Ball Recipe | a savory and sweet cheese ball that is perfect for the holidays!
A good cheese ball is just the thing!
Ashley rolled hers in dried cranberries,
a great idea for Thanksgiving and for those with nut allergies.

Our mom's recipe for Pineapple Cheese Ball 
is kind of famous around these parts--a crowd pleaser at our annual 
girl's craft party {here} and {here}

Looking forward to all your recipes, décor and ideas for Thanksgiving and Christmas
so, let's get this party started!

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Funtastic Friday #253

We're on the count down to Thanksgiving now.
This year we have relatives coming in town,
so our planning and prepping has begun!

Chocolate Candy Corn Pretzel Bites
Starting to think of the menu
and you always need a few snacks to tide you over until the "big meal"
Jennifer has a fun twist on these chocolate pretzel bites.
Love the little candy corn on top.
Add a caramel flavored candy corn-yummo!

Add some of our acorn chocolates to your snack platter too.
I love party snacks like this--they're great recipes for kids to prep.
Keeps them busy and helps you out too.

Are you already putting up Christmas or do you wait until Thanksgiving?
I still have to wait until the day after Thanksgiving to start pulling out Christmas,
but that doesn't mean I haven't been collecting ideas and new items for the season ;)
Let's get to this weekend's party!

Thursday, October 31, 2019

Funtastic Friday #252

Happy Halloween! 
Hope you get more treats than tricks tonight!

Pecan Pumpkin Jumbo Muffins

Karren has the recipe for these delish pumpkin pecan muffins
Great for a Fall morning.

Need some last minute ideas for creating a simple, spooky Halloween dinner table?
Search no farther, check out our table {here}

Now on to Funtastic Friday!
Looking forward to your Thanksgiving décor and recipes this week.

Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Spooky Fun Halloween Table

Today we're putting together our spooky dinner table for Halloween.
Add a little fun to your table for a party or your family 
to make the night special.
Keep it simple and use what  you already have around the house.
And maybe add one or two new items.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Funtastic Friday #251

Halloween is almost here.
I'm late to the game and just pulling out decorations!
But we'll be ready for all you trick-or-treaters to come our way.

Easy Halloween DinnerDo you make a special meal for Halloween night?
I don't know about you, but Hallows eve is a busy night, getting costumes on, pumpkins lit, candy ready...
Something quick and easy is right up my ally
and if you can make it fun or a little spooky, all the better.
Kari Lyn put together these simple lack-o-lantern hamburgers.

We traditionally have chili, hot dogs and donuts.
Everything is prepped in a crock pot, wrapped in foil or boxed,
for easy grab and go.
If we have a cold night,
I'll make wassail to warm us up and dunk a donut
as the kids count their candy haul.

You can find more fun Halloween foods {here}
Let's get to this week's spooky Funtastic Friday.
Can't wait to see your last minute Halloween ideas 
and looking forward to Thanksgiving!
Here we go....

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Funtastic Friday #250

Halloween is fast approaching.
Are you hosting any parties
or do you make special treats for your family?

Halloween Cupcakes for Dessert

Loving Kelli's melting witch cupcakes.
They're wicked!
These are sure to be a hit. 

Just like our simple Day of the Dead Cupcakes
You can find more Halloween fun foods {here}

It's time for this week's link party....
Welcome to the most "fantastic" party around....

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Funtastic Friday #249

I'm getting a late start on decorating for Halloween,
but it's actually one of my favorite holidays for décor.

I also love succulents so
Cap Creations skull planter stopped me in my tracks.
Such a fun idea and would look great on our Halloween mantle.

You can get the 411 on all the parts of the mantle {here}
with sources and directions to make your own creepy decor items.
I has some extra packs of succulents from bridal shower favors and 
now I know exactly what to do with them ;) 

You had so many great recipes and ideas in last week's link party!
Can't wait to see what you're linking up this week!

Welcome to Funtastic Friday Link Party!  Glad you could stop by!

Thursday, October 3, 2019

Funtastic Friday #248

Halloween décor is so fun.
I'm not really into "hack saw" horror Halloween,
just a little creepy and classic.

apothecary jars on spell books with skull
Apothecary jars are the perfect touch to your haunting display.
Pamela has some great ideas on making these jars.
I like how she roughed them up with sandpaper.

You can find all the 411 on how we make our own creepy jar toppers
and printable labels {here} and {here}

Can't wait to see your ideas for Halloween décor and parties. 
Let's get to it!

Thursday, September 26, 2019

Funtstic Friday #247

It rained all day Saturday,
putting us in the mood for a chili and cornbread dinner. 
Plus some sliced apples with caramel dip. 
The stores are bringing in more apple varieties,
perfect for Fall dishes. 

Apple Overnight French Toast Bake with a fork.

Like Jen's apple over night french toast
Love how you prepare it the night before and 
it's ready to throw in the oven the next morning.

Or make our apple cinnamon pancakes.
Prepare the dry mix the night before for quick batter prep in the morning.
You can find more quick breakfast ideas {here}

I'm ready for this week's Funtastic Friday!
Let's go....

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Funtstic Friday #246

Pulling out the Halloween décor yet?
I'm not quite there but,
 I do have my eye out for fun Halloween treats.

7 candy treats made up to look like bats, on a butcher block cutting board, a plate of cookies in the upper right, a bowl of candy eyes in the upper left

 Like Anne's cute bat candy.
And so easy to make.

It reminds me of our Chocolate Bat Cookies.
What fun goolish treats have you made for your little goblins?
I'd love to get some more ideas! 

Carrie has a whole spooky dinner menu that you can find {here}

Let's get rolling with this week's Funtastic Friday!
Especially looking forward for all your ideas for Fall and Halloween.

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