Thursday, October 15, 2020

Fun in the Sun Gift Bag

Heading for the beach or the lake?

Tuck away a little gift for all your pals.

When ever we get together with extended family 

I love to bring a little gift for the sister-in-laws 

or my own girls.

Who doesn't like to get a little something extra on vacation?

This year we went to the lake

so I packed the girls a little "Lake Life" bag.

Flip flops from an Old Navy sale

and dollar store sunscreen, lip balm, lotion (gotta have coconut scent!), face scrub and

Swedish fish!

Put it all together in a cellophane bag with some bakers twine and one of our "Lake Life" tags.

Print your tags {here}

The girls loved it!

And it was a good thing we had that sunscreen!

Temperature breaking heat the weekend we were there.

Here's a little taste of our "Lake Life" adventure. 

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