Monday, March 23, 2020

Over 36 Craft Projects & Activities for Teens and Tweens

Today we're rounding up some of our favorite posts
of crafts and activities for teens and tweens
that will save you from hearing "mom I'm bored".

Teens and tweens love decorating their room.
Make a pom pom banner.
Use neutrals or multi-colored poms.

fabric strip banner is fun to make too.

Try a simple sewing project like this tea towel.

Look on the bright side
 and focus on what you can be grateful for with this game

It doesn't have to be Christmas to make a gingerbread house.

Build a cool container to hold desk items, hair things, this and that.
Pick out some fun knobs for the sides. 

Make a clothes pin picture frame for all your pictures and Polaroids. 

Another way to display your favorite photo or quotes,

Go to our printables to find quotes and calendars for your room and frames.

Put together a care package of some sort.
Drop it on their door step or send it in the mail.
This is one of our favorites to send {here}
They'll love it!

Make your own chalkboard out of an old cabinet door or piece of wood.
This one was made into an easel but you can put some hooks on the back to hang it right to your wall.

Make a snack for your family.

Create your own kind of snack mix or try our

Make a time capsule

Succulents are so fun!
 Here's a bunch of projects you can do with real or paper succulents.

Get creative with canvas art

Pick a word or phrase that inspires you and make a
decorative block for some daily inspiration.

Paint some mason jars for bedroom or bathroom containers.

Bake up some cookies:
Cake mix bat cookies (get creative and make your own creature)

Make your own dry erase board
What games can you come up with to play using this? 

Cut up breads or veggies for some cheese fondue.
or try marinara fondue.

Have a cooking competition. 

Buy some canvas (look at your local dollar store),
get creative and then have everyone display their art in your family "art museum".
Stumped on what to paint? There is some great art instruction on YouTube.

Make up a scavenger hunt around your house or backyard.
 Or make up a hunt with locations in your neighborhood or go for a drive and have your hunt take you around town.

Grab a good book to read!
Find one at home, order a book or Kindle version online or have a book swap with a friend. 
You can find some of our picks {here} and {here} and {here} and {here}

Build things with household objects.
Make a contraption to transport a ball.

Make up a family carnival
with games that all use pennies

Update your scrapbooks
or upload your photos to a book making site.

Come up with some categories for Family "world records"

Make some homemade bread!
Click {here} to find recipes for Cinnamon bread, Focaccia, Challah, Citrus Rolls, French bread, Banana bread and Buttermilk Biscuits.

Make a button cuff bracelet.

Want a little more advanced sewing project?
Still not too hard, we've got the patterns for circus cookie pillows.

Or add ruffles to an apron

Get into nature.
Plant a garden, pot of herbs, seeds to watch them sprout or a  flower box

Write someone a love note.
Send an email or make a card.

Stay busy and learn something new!

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