Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gratitude Game

We like to share our gratitude at Thanksgiving but make it a game to add a little fun!  
Find some fun buttons of all shapes and colors.  Glue varying amounts of buttons onto a ribbon.  One ribbon should have one button glued on it all the way up to...as many as you want!  Most of our ribbons have three buttons on them but one has only one button glued on and one has 10!  

 Place your ribbons in a bucket and allow each member of the family to pull only one ribbon out.  They then have to share one thing they are grateful for for each button they have on their ribbon.  Easy if you only have one-but a bit harder when you have the ribbon with ten!  We play this game during Thanksgiving dinner but it is also fun to play throughout the month of November during dinner.  Enjoy!

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