Friday, June 19, 2015

Ball Run

Here's some summer fun for when the rain hits or its just too hot- save up your paper towel and toilet paper tubes (you knew they were good for something) and have fun creating a ball run with your kids.  You will need:

Toilet Paper Tubes
Paper Towel Tubes
Bouncy Ball (or 2 or 3 and have a race)
Tape- make sure it will not damage your walls!
Empty wall

Keep some of your paper towel tubes as tubes or cut them in half, add a Dixie cup for the ball to drop through, or some cardboard to change direction.  Endless ways to create!  The best part is you can change and re-change again and again.  My kids really enjoy doing this, we have even tried to race Hot Wheels cars or see if we can "slam dunk" the car in a bowl of water at the end.  Hours of summer fun!

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