Friday, September 2, 2016

Dry Erase Board

My kindergartener came home the other day with lined writing paper inside a sheet protector. With a dry erase marker, he is able to practice his letter strokes over and over again without wasting a stack of paper. The sheet protector acts like a dry erase board. I thought, "What a great idea! Such a smart teacher!" I've seen this done before, but what came next completely blew my mind. My daughter had the idea to put a plain white piece of computer paper inside a sheet protector to use as a drawing pad. Now, she is able to draw pictures over and over again. I thought, "This is genius! What a smarty!" A slew of ideas then came to mind. For example, instead of bringing a pile of papers to church for my kids to draw on or a stack of coloring books for long car rides, I now only need one piece of paper per child. This new method will save space, trees, money, and my sanity. No need to pack piles of papers, notebooks, coloring books, etc. Plus, my kids think it's so fun! May be you already know of this idea, but honestly, I was beside myself. . . just one piece of paper for endless hours of drawing. What?! I thought I'd pass it along in case there is one person out there who like me is new to this coloring revolution :)

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