Friday, October 31, 2014

Have Some Family Fun Setting Records!

My kids enjoy looking through the world record books at school and marvel at some of the records.  We may not hold a record in one of those books so we made our own!  I bound some blank white paper into a simple book.   Then, once a month, our family has the chance to set a new record or break an old one.  They can do something together or alone and it could be anything.  We then record the record with the person's age and date completed in the book.  You could even add pictures.  We try to make sure every member in our family has at least one record.  My oldest son holds the record for "longest late night football catch" as well as a record he holds with me in "the most consecutive football catches on the run" (we just broke the record and set a new one at 19!!).   My other son holds the record for "most mini marshmallows in mouth" (it was 55 if you are curious).  My oldest daughter holds the record for "longest sustained head stand".  Be creative and have fun!  My kids (and me too!) are super excited about this-its been a blast to do together!

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