Friday, July 8, 2016

Snow Cones

There's nothing better than a snow cone on a hot summer day! My kids love this treat and until now, we've never made them at home. I can't believe it's taken us this long to make homemade snow cones. They are so easy!

Fill your blender with ice cubes. Pretty much every blender has a crush ice setting. Here's a hint - crush a little bit of ice at a time. I originally filled my blender up with ice to the top; however, it made crushing the ice difficult. The cubes on the top had no way of making their way below to get crushed. So, keep a bowl next to your blender and do batches. Once a small round of ice cubes are crushed, add the crushed ice to your bowl while you do the next batch. It really doesn't take too much time and soon you'll have a bowl of crushed ice for snow cones.

At any craft store or big box store, you can buy snow cone cups. The cups are pretty inexpensive. Fill your cups with crushed ice and then sprinkle your syrup on top. Again, you can buy bottled syrup pretty much any where. My kids had fun mixing flavors and making designs with the syrup.

There it is! Nothing to it. What a refreshing summer treat!


  1. Yummy and fun! Thank you for sharing at Merry Monday!

  2. Thanks Amanda! Snow cones are almost too simple to write about, but they do make for a yummy treat and they're perfect for kids who want to help in the kitchen. Happy day to you!

  3. Snow cones never go out of style! Great post!

    Always good to see you at Peace, Love, Linkup! Hope to see you tomorrow at 6!

    1. Thanks Ashleigh! Snow cones definitely bring back fun childhood summer memories for me.


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