Friday, March 4, 2016

Purim Hamantashen Cookies

I teach a scripture study class to high school seniors every morning before school.
This year we're learning about the Old Testament. 
We recently studied the story of one of my favorite OT characters,
Today, Jews still celebrate her story with the holiday of Purim.
This year that holiday falls on March 5.
This holiday recognizes Esther's courage and the circumstances that saved the Jews during that time period of Persian rule. They also read and act out the story of Esther on that day.  Some dress up in costume. Whenever Mordecai's same is mentioned, the crowd cheers and when hearing Haman's name they boo and use noise makers.  The day before Purim, people fast and then gather together on the holiday for a  feast.  It is customary to give gifts of food and to eat Hamantashen cookies.  
They are always shaped as a triangle to signify Haman's hat 
and to remember how his wicked plan to kill the Jews was thwarted by the help of the Lord, the faith, prayer and fasting of Esther, Mordecai and the Jewish people. 
In class we read the story, booing and cheering for the characters
and today, ate Hamantashen cookies.

Here is the simple way to make your own Purim cookies:
Mix up some of your favorite sugar cookie dough.
Roll out and cut into circles. 

A large cup will do the trick for cutting the perfect circle.
Then add dollops of fruit jam or Nutella in the center of the circle.

Next you'll fold up the sides to form the triangle.


Bake as directed for your sugar cookies recipe.
These little filled cookies are really good.
A sweet treat as you review this story of courage, fulfilling your potential and faith. 

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  1. I really enjoy this story, well history lessons. I like the interaction of the crowd.


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