Thursday, May 5, 2016

Flower Boxes and Baskets

I made up this flower box for a centerpiece for my Mother's Day meeting at church.  These boxes or   baskets are great for decorating and as a gift- Mother's Day is this Sunday!  The best part is the basket / box can be taken apart and planted into your own garden to continue to enjoy all summer.  

First head to your local nursery and find some flowers or plants that you like.  I am using pink calibrachoa, a pink Geranium, white Alyssum,  and yellow Calibrachoa.  Try to get some flowers that have different heights and are wide to fill the spaces of your basket.  

I purchased individual containers so I could arrange them easier.  They are about 7" which fit my wooden box well.  Take note of the size of your basket or box in buying your plants.  

I decided to use the wooden box for this arrangement but a large basket could also be used and looks great.

You will also need some brown packing paper to cover your pots and to also stuff around your basket if needed.  I used the moss to  pack around the tops of the each flower pot to help support them and add some interest.  The bird nest is for a final touch.

Wrap each pot with the packing paper.  Secure with some tape.

I placed each wrapped pot in the box and then packed the moss around, allowing some to hang over the edge.  

Finished!  Your gardening mother in your life will love this and enjoy for months to come!  

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