Friday, July 3, 2015

Around Town Savenger Hunt

Happy Friday!  It is time to get out and have fun and you don't have to go far! Take a trip around your town and make it fun by adding a scavenger hunt to it. 

Make a list of items to see or do around your town. You could even take pictures at each location to make a scarpbook of at the end.  Here is what our hunt around town looked like and what we did.
Find a turtle at the Huron River
Have a Donut at the old bakery
Go on two different swings in two different parks
Find a bird nest
Put 5 quarters in other people's parking meters
Eat the "Flavor of the Day" at Ben and Jerry's
Find a man in a red hat
Say "howdy" to 10 people on the street
Bonus:  Find a penny on the sidewalk
Your list can be long or short or as involved as you would like it to be!  Kids really enjoy going around and checking off their list.  Who knew your town could be so fun? 

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