Friday, November 7, 2014

Thanksgiving Care Package

I have a daughter serving a mission for our church. (What does a missionary do? click here) We wanted to send her a care package for Thanksgiving.  This would also be a great package to send a college student away from home.  My inspiration came from here.  

Include things for a Thanksgiving "feast".  Stuffing mix, Veggie Straws (for your vegetable), Craisins, mini graham cracker pie crusts and pudding mix (we included banana cream pudding- family favorite for this holiday and chocolate- you can never go wrong with chocolate), turkey gravy mix, instant potatoes, pumpkin muffin mix, "blessing snack mix" and turkey of course (well ours is a bobble head turkey).

Remove bags from their boxes and write the cooking directions on the outside.  This will save space when packing your box.

A fun thing to do with your boxes is to decorate the inside flaps.  Just an extra surprise when they open it :)  My youngest provided the art for these flaps.  We also included a talk on gratitude, that you can find here.  A happy Thanksgiving when you are away from home and family.


  1. What a great care package. When I moved away from my parents they would send me care package and it was my favorite thing! I'll carry on that tradition when my little ones get big too!

    1. My daughter loved getting this. A little bit of home!


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