Monday, June 15, 2015

Make your own Chalkboard Easel

My friend remodeled her kitchen a few months back.  She gave me a call, asking if I might want some of her old kitchen cabinets.  Yes!  I right away thought, "chalkboard".  
I'm helping with the arts and crafts at Girls Camp this week and thought it would be fun to have a chalkboard easel next to our craft area.  You can make one too.  
Look for an old cabinet door or buy an unfinished one at your local hardware store.
Remove the hinges and put wood filler in the holes. I sanded it all over with my little hand held mouse electric sander.

Wipe it down to remove dust. 
Paint the outside frame area and sides with an acrylic craft paint.  I'm using Americana Indian Turquoise. Let dry.  Tape off this area with painters tape.

Valspar puts out a great chalk paint.  You'll need a wide paintbrush too.

Paint in the direction of the longest length of the board. Try to get your brush strokes as smooth as you can, you'll still see the strokes, just do your best.  Let dry and paint another coat the same direction. Let dry again.

Then paint one coat the opposite direction.  

 Let dry and remove painters tape.  
Do any touch-ups with the acrylic if the tape didn't block the black paint. 

Build the easel back. 
 I bought some 1x2x8 strips of wood. 
Cut 2 pieces the length of the chalkboard. 
Cut a cross piece 1/2" shorter than the width of your board.  
Next step is optional, but I wanted to stain the chalkboard back and the easel pieces to give it a more finished look.  I used this nice grey wood stain called driftwood. You need to let these stained pieces dry overnight.  Some of the other supplies shown are a 1" hinge, some eye screws, chain and you'll need 2 wood screws.

Attach your cross bar with  wood screws. (In picture on left- I haven't stained the wood yet, but it would have been easier if pieces are stained and then put together.) Lay the top of easel against top of chalkboard and attach the hinges. 

I wanted to add a chain for stability. 
I put my eye hooks on the board 8" up from the bottom and on the easel slats 7 1/2" inches up from the bottom.  That way when you fold it, the hooks won't bump into each other. Cut your chain the length you want and connect on the hooks.  Using 2 pairs of pliers (like needlnose), will help you open and close the chain to attach. 

Love it! 
Season your chalkboard by wiping it with a chalked up eraser. 
Add some fun lettering.  The Craft Shack is open!!


  1. What a fun idea Heidi. I especially like the idea that you can move it around easily and that's it's stable. There's nothing worse than a collapsing chalk board ;-)

    1. Making it into an easel definitely helps it stay in place. Thanks for the comment!

  2. What a fun project. I love how you were able to use the back of the kitchen cabinet door.

  3. This is great! What a fun upcycle of cabinet doors. I love the trim color, too. Thanks for sharing at Brag About It. We'll be featuring this at the next party.

    1. Thanks Beverly, the color really makes it pop and it's one of my favorites.

  4. I love this Heidi! So simple and a great way to repurpose a cupboard door. I'll be featuring your easel this week at To Grandmas House We Go :) xx


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