Monday, May 11, 2015

Linen Canvas Art

I found these great linen canvas' at Micheals and I wanted to incorporate them into some auction items for my daughter's girls camp fundraiser.  Here are a couple ideas of what I made and I highlighted one in particular for your inspiration.  Have Fun!

Supplies needed:  
linen canvas (any size)
dried, plastic or paper flowers (I am using paper here)
moss (I am using another cool item I have found in craft stores lately, roll out- like ribbon -fake moss.  Really realistic and easy to use without the mess!)
Glue Gun
Stencil for lettering or I used a cricket to cut out "love"

Measure and cut out your heart shape to the size you like and adhere with glue.

Arrange your flowers throughout the middle of the heart.

When done, add your lettering.  So quick and easy and makes a really cute piece for any room.  

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