Monday, April 18, 2016

Clothespin Picture Frame

With each vacation, our family tries to visit the nearest temple. It has been a fun tradition and we've had the privilege of visiting many. We are anxious to add two new temple visits this summer! I've always wanted a way to display all these temple pictures together - in one spot. I found my answer with the clothespin picture frame! It is super easy to make and I love it. We have our frame displayed in our den on our extended desk. I keep peaking my head in the room just to look at it. My kids also love the frame and have been reminiscing about our temple visits!

You'll need a frame, clothespins (I found some cute gold ones at Michael's.) and some coated picture wire.

Take out the frame's back and glass so you're left with an empty frame. Then, with a staple gun, staple the picture wire to the frame's back. Be sure to measure where to staple your wire first so you have enough space to hang your pictures.

Here's my frame with the two stands of wire stapled to the back.

Because I want to remember the different temple locations, I made stickers with my sticker maker to put on the photos. Here's a great post from Heidi explaining the sticker maker. We are in LOVE with ours!

With clothespins, hang your photos on the picture wire. So happy with this project!


  1. This is such a great idea for a photo display! Thanks for linking up with Merry Monday!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Emily! I appreciate your comment. Enjoy your week!


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