Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Funtastic Friday #413

 We love the Christmas season!

Do you have the tradition of Christmas crackers
during the holidays?
We had some at Thanksgiving
which was fun for our big crowd!
Someone even got 2 crowns in their cracker,
so we gave him a prize. 
Claire gives you the instructions and joke papers
to make your own crackers.

Another tradition we have is making gingerbread houses.
I loved the year we used Pop-Tarts for our houses.
You can find the recipe {here}
plus all the instructions and printables to make a
gingerbread house kit to drop off to friends 
or have ready for an activity.

Looking for all your Christmas inspiration at today's party!
Let's get to it!

Monday, November 28, 2022

Funtastic Friday #412

 Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 
Grateful to have you sharing with us each week.
Have you used any of the ideas from our posts?
Let me know below.

Gathering Christmas cookie recipes this weekend. 
What are some of your favorites?
Lenny has a twist on Hershey kiss cookies with his gingerbread varitey.

Our Grinch cookies are still some of my favorites.
Go to the cookie link for the recipe and printable Grinch tags!

Now let's celebrate with some more holiday posts. 

Thursday, November 17, 2022

Funtastic Friday #411

 Many things to be thankful for, 

take a minute and think of 10.

My sisters, mom and I have been planning out the Thanksgiving menu.

We're going to have quite the crowd this year!
You can't forget the sides!

Alison has rounded up easy side dishes

to complete your dinner. 

We'll be making some Blessing Mix
to put at each plate to snack on.
It comes with a printable tag
listing each ingredient, 
as it represents something related to Thanksgiving. 

Don't forget to get a few containers

for guests to take home leftovers. 

Bundle up your pie slices with our printable tags

Let's get to this week's party!


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Onto our Features from last week!






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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Funtastic Friday #410

 It's time to start planning that Thanksgiving menu!

We've got our tried and true favorites

but like to bring in some new appetizers.

Melissa rounds up some great cold appetizer ideas
including Leigh's beautiful crudites platter.

You can find ideas for our Thanksgiving 
charcuterie board {here}

Time for this week's Funtastic Friday!

Thursday, November 3, 2022

Funtastic Friday #409

 I teach a seminary class of teenagers in the Old Testament 4 mornings a week.

In November, I always like to focus on gratitude. 

Did you know that expressing gratitude can make you happier? 

check out this cute video about it on You Tube:

 An Experiment in Gratitude | The Science of Happiness - YouTube

On November 1,

 I have the kids write down one thing they are thankful for each day on a paper leaf

 and we hang it on our gratitude tree. 

It's fun to see the tree grow throughout the month.

At the end, I type out each item written

 and give it to the kids to remember all their blessings. 

Carrie has a similar family activity {here}

You could make some of Lois' cute pumpkin cheesecakes in jars 
to kick off your family gratitude project!
Love those layers. These look delish!

It's time to get to this week's party.
Let's go!

Thursday, October 27, 2022

Funtastic Friday #408

 Have a fun Halloween on Monday!

We had some really fun Halloween treats and food for kids

linked up in last week's party.

I've never seen mummy meatballs, but Raquel's 3 ingredient recipe 

is sure to be a hit on Halloween night!

Carrie has more spooky fun food {here}
Harry Potter theme {here}

And check out our Day of the Dead cupcakes
which are perfect for Halloween carnival cake walks and parties. 

Time for this week's party.
Looking for all your last-minute Halloween ideas
and let's start planning Thanksgiving!

Thursday, October 20, 2022

Funtastic Friday #407

 Just bought our Halloween candy.

LOL-Hope we still have some left for the trick-or-treaters!

Are you hosting a Halloween party or just want to jazz things up

for your family on Oct 31?

Check out Karla's spooktacular cheese board.
She gives a great step by step tutorial on assembling this 
elegant Halloween charcuterie board. 
This would be perfect to snack on for the fam
as you're preparing for trick or treating.
And would be a hit at your Halloween parties!

You can find all our ideas for a spooky dinner on Oct. 31 right {here}
This was fun to put together
 with items found around our house and a few inexpensive items added in.
Click on the links below for more favorite Halloween ideas
for your parties, and activities!  BOO!

Looking forward to more of your Halloween ideas this week. 

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Funtastic Friday #406

 Got to drive through Vermont last weekend...

the landscape was amazing! 

I don't know if the pictures can even do it justice.
 Rolling hills covered in gold, reds and orange.

Covered bridges, warm cider, apple cider donuts, maple hard candy, pumpkins and mums, maple syrup tasting--all the Fall vibes!

Hope you can get out in some Fall leaves near your home. 
We're on a Fall break right now
and it's the perfect time for some baking with the kids.

Raquel shares her recipe for monster cookies.
The kids will love dying the dough and adding in those eyeballs!

Mix up a few bats with your monsters! 
Chocolate lovers need to bake up some of our
Another fun cookies for the kids to add on the wings and eyes!

Let's get right to this week's party!

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Funtastic Friday #405

 It finally feels like Fall!

I can't wait for all the pumpkin and apple recipes to be made as the weather cools.


I'm printing off Crystal's apple butter recipe to give it a try.
And she makes it in her Instant Pot--nice!
It sounds so good on a homemade loaf of bread... 

like Kristin's Challah bread
Toast some up with the apple butter, yum!

Let's get to this week's Funtastic Friday!
Looking for more of your Fall recipes, 
decor and everything Halloween.
Here we go...

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Funtastic Friday #404

 It's pumpkins season.

Incorporate something pumpkin in your home decor. 

Beth has the easy instructions to make this cute 

bushel basket pumpkin.

Buy some mini bushels and have the kid make some!

More pumpkin ideas:
Take some mini pumpkins and paint them in neutral colors
for a table arrangement.
Make a pumpkins board for your front door
or velvet pumpkins as place cards
and for sure try out Kristin's pumpkin spice bars.

Let's get to this week's link party!

Welcome to Funtastic Friday Link Party #404
Read along to see what bloggers around the world post every week. 
Join the party by linking your blog below.

Thursday, September 22, 2022

Funtastic Friday#403

 Welcome to another fantastic week at 

Funtastic Friday!

It's time to get that Fall porch set up.
Nicole has an easy DIY for stacked pumpkins
and displaying cabbage in a bushel basket.
We love ornamental cabbage as part of your front door planters
or Fall groupings. 
Added bonus with her decor is that it's low maintenance,
since everything is artificial!

We're starting to think about Halloween crafts/decor
and always keeping an eye out for your recipes and everything Fall!



Thursday, September 15, 2022

Funtastic Friday #402

Changing over to Fall decor,

you might want to add in a new piece of furniture.

Even better, just renovate an existing piece you already have at home!

Angela DIY'd this cool dresser.

Loving the black with natural wood accented drawers.

What projects are you working on?

Let's check out all your DIY and Fall ideas on this week's link party!

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