Wednesday, May 18, 2016

America Holiday Board

Summer is almost here.
And we've got a holiday board for the season!

You'll need:
pine board 6"x 4'
Americana acrylic paints: Santa Red, Warm White, Uniform Blue
stencil brush, painter's tape, sand paper, wood stain

Paint one side of your board red.
Paint it on roughly, leaving some of the wood showing.  Then you won't have to sand to give it a rustic look. 
(You can paint on the back of one of your other holiday boards to save storage space!)
Cut a star out of some scrap pine.
Here is our Star Pattern
Paint the front with blue.

Don't have access to cut a star?
You can tie a cute ribbon around your board or look for some other patriotic decor to use at the top.
(I'd love to see your variations!)

Lay out your stencil letters, 
starting at the bottom of the board so you can figure out your spacing and where to place the "A" at the bottom.
Tape down the "A" and stencil.
Remember the key is to have very little paint on your brush, layering the paint.
Then the paint won't go under the stencil.

I placed each letter with the bottom of the stencil touching the top of the last letter stenciled.
(Also below, you can see the how the red was painted roughly to leave the wood showing)

Take the star and sand the edges and do any sanding you might need on the board.
Stain the star front and sides with wood stain.
Also stain just the front of the board. 
If you have another holiday on the back and haven't stained the sides, do that now.
If you don't want to put another holiday on the back, stain all the way around the board.
Glue on your star and let everything dry over night. 

I've got this out by my front door.
Welcome Summer!


  1. Replies
    1. Me too! It's so fun by my front door. Check out our other holiday boards too!

  2. Such a pretty sign and one that will brighten up an porch or exterior space.

    1. Thanks Mary. It does give that extra punch for the summer months!

  3. Your America sign turn out wonderfully! Perfect for adding a patriotic feel for greeting your guests.


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