Friday, July 29, 2016

Super Hero Slime

Kids love pretending to be super heroes. 
Today for Fun Friday we're making SLIME.
As a super hero, you never know when you'll come up against a
slimy villain.
Practice manipulating this slime and even use it to your advantage as a super hero.

You'll need:
1/2 cup warm water
1 tsp. Borax (powder laundry soap)
2 -4oz bottle of Elmer's glue
food coloring

Pour your glue into an old bowl or bucket.
In another container, mix the water, Borax and add in the food coloring.
The more color you add, the darker your slime.

Pour the color mixture into the glue and stir. 

You'll have a little water left over but
the slime will start to form into a mass of gooey-ness!
Drain off excess water and squish by hand to make sure the glue is well incorporated.
It will feel like silly putty.


We divided our slime up into little plastic cups,
so each super hero could have their own supply.

We added this fun label to each container. 

Print off your own
on Avery 8160 sheets of 30 labels.

Tons of squishy fun!

have a slimy Fun Friday!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

Jersey Knit Necklace

This is a simple, stylish necklace that I've been wanting to make for months. It is fun and easy - the perfect activity for a quiet summer afternoon. No sewing is involved. Anyone can do it so gather up your daughters and friends and have a party!  

Pick out some jersey knit material at your fabric store. You don't need a lot. I only bought 1/4 yard of each color. You'll be cutting your material into narrow strips so a little goes a long ways. Also, the thinner the knit the easier it is to cut. Keep this in mind. 

Using a rotary cutter, board, and ruler, cut your material into a variety of widths and lengths.

After all your cutting, you'll have a pile of knit strips. You don't have to do anything with the edges. Leave them "raw." The material won't fray.

Then, let the creativity begin. Lay out your necklace and see what strips you want - long, short, braided, or twisted. Once you have your necklace planned, begin tying your strip ends together into small knots. It is easier to tie each strip individually so you don't have a big knob of material. But, if you want to do this, go for it. I've done it both ways.

Here is an example of a braided and a twisted strip. Like I said, it is so individual how you make your necklace. It's fun to experiment with looks and colors.

Have fun and be creative!

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Circus Cookie Pillows

Didn't you love eating frosted circus animal cookies as a kid?
That pink and white frosting with sprinkles was a treat.
One of my college age daughters was home a few months ago 
and made up these super fun circus cookie pillows.
Her inspiration was found on Pinterest {here}
She drew out her own patterns based on the elephant, camel and rhino
and added in the lion and giraffe.
You'll need:
white and pink cotton fabric
thread, needle,sewing machine
super mini pom poms
hot glue gun
pillow stuffing

Print off and cut out your favorite animal from our
Circus Cookie Pillow Patterns
Each animal pattern is two prints that you'll need to cut out and tape together
by over lapping the image.

Next, pin your pattern on the fabric and cut two.

With your machine, sew around and leave an opening for the stuffing.
Turn inside out, stuff, and hand sew closed.

Hot glue the mini pom poms all over the pillow front.

These pillows are the cutest!
She made a whole circus!

She kept some for her apartment and gave one to each of us at home.
I think my favorite is the rhino.
Have some fun decorating with these "cookies"!

Friday, July 22, 2016

Mini Fruit Pizzas

Today for Summer Fun Friday,
we're whipping up some mini, personal size,
Fruit Pizzas!

You'll need:
your favorite sugar cookies, baked
(you can even make it easy and buy them already baked!)
your favorite white frosting--
(cream cheese frosting is delish on these pizzas & we'll share one of our favorite recipes at the end of the post!)

Cut your fruit into bite size pieces and put on paper towels.  
This is key for fruit pizza.  You want to absorb the moisture from the fruit so your frosting doesn't get runny.  Dab the top of the fruit with a paper towel too.

We're using fresh strawberries, blueberries, kiwi and mango.


The kids had fun frosting and decorating their pizzas with the fruit.

They ate a few and saved the rest for a swim party with their friends a few hours later.
A yummy treat for a party or anytime in the summer!

Cream Cheese Frosting
3 oz cream cheese, softened
4 Tbsp butter, softened
1 1/2 cups powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla

Blend all in a mixer on low at first and then increase the speed until creamy.

Print this recipe {here}

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Our Parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary

We just celebrated our parent's 50th wedding anniversary!
5 kids, 22 grandkids and 50 fun filled years!
All the children, their spouses and 20 of the grandkids were able to gather for a weekend to celebrate!
We kicked it off with a dinner in Salt Lake City at the beautiful Joseph Smith Memorial Building which used to be the grand hotel Utah and still has the architectural detailing inside.
This dinner was held on their actual anniversary day and at the time they were married 50 years ago!

We decorated the tables with a flower arrangement and different 5x7 photos of the cute couple.

One of our niece's put together these beautiful flower arrangements.

Each place setting had some games to play and a wrapped Sees Chocolate bar.

Sees chocolate has been a part of our growing up years for special occasions.
We knew we had to include some chocolate for the evening.
And gave our parents an assorted box.

Our sister-in-law, Jen, put together these cute polkadot wrappers and tags for the chocolate at each place setting.

Kristin came up with these fun games.
First up was 50 Years in Numbers.
Family trivia type questions relating to the number of things.
You got 3 number choices for each question.

Questions included:
Number of homes Mom and Dad have lived in.
Number of combined years they have supported their kids in sports.
Number of years they have "enjoyed" children's piano lessons.
Number of pets they cared for in their home.
Number of combined years practicing in their professions.
Number of marathons.
Number of years they dated.
Number of degrees between the two of them.
Number of grandkids.
Number of children.
She calculated that our parents have spent
50 years, 600 months, 18,262 days, 438,291 hours and over 26 million minutes together!

Our brother lead us in a toast to the couple and then we ate dinner.

The dinner menu included, a fresh salad, roasted chicken dinner and
strawberry shortcake dessert.  A favorite of our mom's.

 We next played 50 Wonderful Years.
Kristin made up the questions and to answer you'd hold up a running shoe if you thought it was grandpa or a sewing needle and thread if you thought the answer was grandma.
So cute!

Questions included:
Who noticed who first in high school?
Who approached the other first at the Hello Dance?
Who said "I love you" first?
Who was the one who chose Arizona to settle in?
Who got up in the night with babies?
Who is the better dancer?
Whose idea was it to start the Nutcracker tradition/collection?
Who suggested to get a dog for the family?
Who wanted to install a pool in the backyard?
Who has the bigger sweet tooth?
Who is more adventurous?
Who gave the first kiss?
Who never forgets and anniversary or birthday?

This was really entertaining,
the kids especially loved it!
It was a great way to get to know the grandparents and each question spring boarded into more of an explanation of the event.  We all learned something new about these two!

 To wrap up the evening, we gave a couple group gifts.
Kristin had the great idea to give them a music box (our family has a history with music boxes)
This one payed "their song".
The folks teared up with that gift.
Next, Carrie presented them with their personal histories book 
that she had put together on Shutterfly
She used the milestone anniversary template,
and  highly recommends the company and their customer service.
Even when there was a mix up with the printing, they reprinted everything at no cost!

This was just day one of the festivities!
The next day we drove up to the town they grew up in to tour around.
We drove by the homes they grew up in, some grandparent's homes, schools, church, and toured their high school.  
We were in several cars so our mom made up a "tour guide" for each car, listing the locations we were driving by the and the significance for each.  They also packed us some snacks/candy they would eat as kids and a bag of our mom's famous caramel corn. Yum!
We drove up a local canyon past the venue where they were married and stopped for lunch at a local burger place along the river that has been around forever.

We had a lot of time for family to visit and cousins to play together.

On day three, we had an extended family picnic at a local park.

Here's the front and back of an invite we sent out to extended family members.
Just uploaded our design to the Costco photo center to make the invitations.
(Don't you love that wedding photo!)
We provided the main dish, while cousins and aunts and uncles brought the sides and desserts.
It was so fun to see and visit with everyone.  
Some we hadn't seen in years!

The kids had a ball,
literally with our giant dodge ball game!

What an awesome weekend!
Some of us even stayed on a few extra days and ran in a 5K with our dad.
He's a runner and has run in several marathons and 5Ks.
Almost 20 of us ran. 75 year old dad even came in 4th in his age bracket!

Here's to the cute couple!
50 years and going!

Friday, July 15, 2016

Rug Weaving

Growing up in Arizona, I remember learning a lot about Native American tribes in the Southwest and their cultures in school.  There were always trips to places like the Heard Museum in Phoenix and botanical gardens.  I also remember learning how to identify certain cactus and making fun crafts.  One such craft involved  making cardboard "looms" and weaving yarn rugs on them.  They were so fun to do and easy for most ages.  Our family started our own this Friday for some summer fun!  Try it out to!

You Will Need:

Stiff Cardboard (like from a box) cut into rectangles (about 10X12 is a good start)
Yarn in any color you like

Cut out your looms!

Cut even slits into the top of the two "tall" sides.  

Wrap yarn around each slit from behind and down slit to slit as shown above.  Tie off each end on the last slit.  Wrap tight.  These yarn "lines" will be where you weave your yarn strips to make your rug.  

The more slits you make, the tighter and more sturdy your rug will be.  This loom will make a stronger rug as it has more slits to weave around.  The rug above it, is a good starter size for smaller fingers just learning!

Start your weaving by going over the first yarn line and then under the next.  Continue to follow this pattern to the end.  With your next piece of yarn, go the opposite direction by going under the first yarn line and then over the next and so forth.  Pull your yarn strings tight down to the bottom after several passes.   We are still weaving ours, should be done very soon and I will post the results!  When you are done, Trim your edges so they are not so long.  Then simply pop your yarn lines out of the slits and your rug is removed and ready to be enjoyed!  Happy weaving!

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