Thursday, August 27, 2020

Funtastic Friday #295

 I saw Raquel's sheet cake and my mouth started to water!

Might be because I haven't eaten anything with sugar in it for the past 3 weeks!

👏 I've been trying really hard to "cleanse out" my system and start some healthy habits.

So far, it's been great! I have more energy and have lost some weight!

Working on the whole package, to eat better, add in exercise and get regular sleep.

Texas Sheet Cake

But there's nothing better than a Texas sheet cake!

It makes me think of our 

Texas Cowboy cake. 

Our recipes are very similar.

Find our recipe and why we call it Cowboy Cake {here}

Now let's get to this week's Funtastic Friday!

Thursday, August 20, 2020

Funtastic Friday #294

 There were so many great links in last week's Funtastic Friday

that it was hard to chose a favorite for our host picks this week.

finished new backyard garden

Katy's backyard transformation caught my eye.

She removed an old deck and built raised garden planters plus added some fun galvanized bucket planters.

Her hard work paid off! It looks great and she's got a green thumb with all the garden growth!


Here's our simple garden markers that are a great addition to any garden space.

In that season of "back to school",

I seem to always get in the mood for rearranging or cleaning out a space in the house.

Do you ever get that way?

I'm currently moving furniture and buying a few new pieces for our living room.

And there is some paint involved ;) 

Look for a future post about the transformation. 

Let's get right to this week's link par-tay!


Thursday, August 13, 2020

Funtastic Friday #293

 What a different school year it is for 2020.

I can't even get excited walking down the school supply isle. 

I'm hoping beyond hope that things get back to normal school soon!

At times like this, when you need a little "pick me up",

a bunch of fresh cut flowers will do the trick. 

Flowers from the grocery store, your local florist or from your own backyard--

like Penny's blooms from her yard and wildflowers from the back roads.

Aren't these lovely!

And you don't need a fancy vase.

In fact I love unique containers, like her vintage ice-cream bucket.

Or just a simple mason jar.

Find out how to paint yours {here}

I'm ready to get inspired by your posts on this week's Funtastic Friday!

Let's get to it....

Friday, August 7, 2020

Funtastic Friday #292

Welcome back to another weekend of Funtastic Friday!
We've got a few more weeks until school starts
and even then we'll be online.
If you're looking for a fun project for you and the kids
to fill some time...


How about going to your local thrift store and finding an item to repurpose.
Get your creative juices flowing.
Angela took the challenge and made this fun menu board.

We still have some hot days ahead.
Another project the kids will love
is making their own lemonade stand. 
We've got the 411 on making your own{here}

Can't wait to see the creations you're linking up this week!
Let's get to it!

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