Monday, March 15, 2021

Spring Wreath with Succulents

Ahh spring!
Everything gets green, blossoms are out and life becomes fresh and sunny.
It's time for a new wreath to welcome in the season!
And you know how much we love succulents
so we've incorporated a few in this spring beauty.

Another bonus is that this wreath only cost about $12.
Here's how you do it.

Picked up a grapevine wreath for under $5,
Spanish moss (can find it at some dollar stores too) and .97 cent pics at Walmart.

Dollar General has nice looking floral picks and succulent picks.

Don't forget to look around your house. 
I had these garlands and picks that I took apart
 to use a few of  the pieces.

A little repurposing is always a good thing. 
Clipped off the white balls to use and tossed the rest that was worn out.

You'll also need: a glue gun and wire cutters for this project.
It helps to have your wreath upright to look at as you work.
I just used a metal frame stand to do the job.

Decide where you want a focal point on your wreath,
at the bottom, a side or all the way around.
My wreath was slightly oval in shape so
I opted for focus on the bottom. 
Glue a thin layer of the moss as a base.

Add in any long pieces to the sides. 
This is one pick of long grass spit in half.

Add in any other long picks, like these purple strands. 
Using odd numbers of the same floral pieces is more visually pleasing.
5 purple strands used, 2 and 3on the sides.
Start filling in with medium size picks or clipped floral pieces on the sides.

Add in your succulents in the center.
Start with the largest in the top/back or sides.

I've got 5 succulents.
Fill in any gaps with smaller floral pieces.

The little succulents are so fun!

Ready to hang out front.

So fresh and welcoming for Spring!

Just had to share our welcome mat. 
After a year of Covid,
so glad things are loosening up.
This pretty much sums it up when someone comes to our door!
You can find this door mat {here}

Happy Spring!

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  1. Beautiful wreath. I love succulents and Im going to have to attempt this one. Thanks for sharing.


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