Thursday, January 18, 2018

Funtastic Friday #162

This week has been crazy busy!
Crazy I tell you!
Non stop, so my cleaning out projects have been put on hold. 
Hopefully next week I can get back to it.
Angela has some great tips on just cleaning out a few small areas of your home.

Areas that you might forget and
they are totally do-able decluttering projects.
Love the "baby steps" of working on small areas a little bit at a time.

Makes me think of the spice cabinet organization I did last year.
How are you getting organized this year? 

Time to check out this week's Funtastic Friday! 

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Funtastic Friday #161

This week I finished up some wood projects for some of our area young women youth leaders. 
I'll be sharing it next week.
And I started to clean out a few areas in the house. 

18 Absolutely Delightful Quick Sweet Bread Recipes

Merissa's cranberry orange bread caught my eye from last week's party.
On my list to bake up while I'm cleaning out the house.
Don't you just get that cleaning bug every January?
I always get the urge to clean out and sort through with a new year.
I started to work on a few areas this week:
kitchen cabinets, laundry room...there is lots more to do,
but I'm taking my time and trying to tackle one little area every other day. 
It's nice to write things down and cross them off
as you get them cleaned out and organized.

You can use our "great clean out" organizational list {here} (updated without the year)
to list all the areas you want to organize in your home.

And I finally got our 2018 printable calendar ready for you!

You can find it {here}

Now let's get on to this week's party!
Have a great 3-day weekend!

Funtastic-Friday-Poster 600

2018 Year Calendar Printable

 What happened to December and the first few weeks of January?
Last year and the Christmas season was a busy one!
I've finally gotten around to making a 2018 calendar.

This year I've got the full year on one page.
It's just nice to have the year at a glace right next to my computer. 

You can print your own {here}.

Happy 2018!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Funtastic Friday #160

It's a new year--welcome 2018!
I'm not making resolutions this year.
Just a couple short term realistic goals.
Totally attainable, to get a pat on the back for completing something 
and motivation to move on to another short goal.
Maybe "baby steps" should be my catch phrase for the year ;)

I hope you reach your goals!
Break them down into small accomplishments
to help you move along.

I really got into making wood slice ornaments this last Christmas
and using black and white buffalo check ...

so Michele's wood slice winter garland stopped me in my tracks at last week's party.
I think I'm going to make one to hang in January.
Perfect for this cold weather!
If you're stuck where it's super cold,

scroll through our Top 10 Posts of 2017 for some new year inspiration.

Now on to the party....

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