Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Printable Graduation Banner for any School Year!

It's that time of year, high school and college graduation!
Here is a must have banner for your grad party and celebrations.

You can make one for any graduating class!

You'll need:
5 pieces of scrapbook paper
5 pieces of card stock
(find card stock and scrapbook papers in your school colors--they can all be the same color/pattern or different)
1 package of DOUBLE FOLD 1/2" bias tape
glue, scissors, sewing machine

Print off a copy of our

Print page 1 on regular paper.  This has your instructions and pattern for the card stock.
Print pages 2-6 on your scrapbook paper.
Pages 7-9 are extra numbers for future years of banners (we've got you covered!)

Our school colors are purple and black.  I used 5 different patterns of purple scrapbook paper for this banner.  Cut out your papers and glue (I just used Elmer's) the scrapbook paper flag on top of the card stock flag. The letters are arranged on the printable so your flag scrapbook pieces will alternate when you line them up.  Nice, right!

Stack them in the order.  Measure 16" in on your bias tape and insert the "C" flag.  Back stitch and sew down the middle of bias tape.  Insert the next flag about 1/4" from the last and continue until you have all the flags sewn in.

Measure 16" on bias tape from last flag and cut bias tape.
You're done!
Congrats to our graduates!
The class of 2015 Rocks!
2016 and 2017 too!
We've had graduates each of these years!

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  1. Looks great! Parents will need all the inside decorations they can find since there will unlikely be group parties. Pinned.


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