Friday, January 29, 2021

Monkey Bread Recipe & Kit Activity for Teens & Tweens Zoom Friendly

 We're still trying to come up with fun Zoom activities for our church youth group.

Can't wait until we meet in person, but until then...

hands on activity kits have been a hit with girls wanting to Zoom into the event.

Today we'll be baking up some monkey bread. 
A simple recipe that the girls can succeed at and share with their family and friends!

After RSVP-ing that they would be Zooming in,
each girl received their Monkey Bread Kit.

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Funtastic Friday #317

Starting to decorate for Valentines Day.

I've got our Valentine Board out by the front door and

banner hanging on the old window in the living room. 

Do you recognize some of these vintage valentines?

I wish I still had valentines from my elementary years.

Love those classic images.

Display vintage valentines by making a framed collage of the notes.

Love this idea from Niki. And how sweet

that she still has some valentines originally given to her mom back in the day.

This weekend, it's time to set up our valentine card making station.

We make cards for grandparents and siblings that are far away.

Including our printable tic-tac-xoxo game board when we mail out the valentines.

A fun addition to the care package for our college girls.

You can find all our care package ideas {here}

Especially looking forward to your homemade valentine card links at this party!

Let's get started!


Thursday, January 21, 2021

Funtastic Friday #316

Along with all our cleaning out projects,

I've been looking for fast and healthy dinner ideas. 

GG has this delicious brown rice taco bowl that looks like a win!

My family likes shredded pork. 

I might try subbing that in as the meat in the dish.

Wanted to give you an update on our spice cabinet makeover.
It's still organized and we're utilizing the system in place.
I do have a few spice bottles on the middle shelf  which are building up.
I need to go through these
and put rarely used spices in a container in the pantry, 
just leaving this cabinet for things we use often.
But over all, still organized! 
You can find our printable spice labels {here}
I'm also going through closets and cabinets to organize and toss out. 
Using our cleaning checklist system to help me pin point the areas that need to be organized and cleaned. 
What projects around your house have you been able to clean out?

Time to check out all your inspirational posts on Funtastic Friday!

Monday, January 18, 2021

"a great work" Teen Painting Kit Activity


We've had to get creative with our church youth group activities during the Pandemic.
Teens are so tired of being on Zoom, 
but we found that delivering a kit with supplies for an activity we could do together on Zoom 
was a win! 
We'd text a few days before to get an RSVP of who would be Zooming into the activity.
The RSVP would secure their kit to be dropped off the day before 
or day of
and let us know how many kits to put together. 
We've had so much more participation this way and the girls love getting the activity kits!

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Funtastic Friday #315

 January is the time to clean out and get organized. 

Throw some soup in the crock pot
and work on organizing an area of your house. 
Ann's got a chicken enchilada soup that would taste so good after a day of cleaning!

We've put together questions to ask yourself and tips to approach your cleaning project
that will make the task of decluttering and organizing manageable and even easy!
It just takes commitment and a little elbow grease! 
You can find our easy tips and printable cleaning checklist {here}.

Time to check out all your inspirational posts on Funtastic Friday!

Friday, January 8, 2021

Funtastic Friday #314

 It's a new year!

Here's to starting out fresh, cleaning out and DIY home projects.

Have you ever considered an accent wall? 
Libby has created the perfect mid-century vibe with her wall.
Love all the board and batten and ship lap walls too. 
Gathering ideas for an accent wall in one of our extra bedrooms. 

For now, just planning out our daily schedule
and where to fit in time to work on projects.
You can print a copy of your own calendar {here}

Now time for everyone's favorite link party....

Welcome to Funtastic Friday Link Party #314! 
May you find the new year filled with good health, 
happy times, and an abundance of good friends! 

Friday, January 1, 2021

Funtastic Friday #313

 Happy New Year!

Things have got to be better in 2021!

Looking for some treats and appetizers for your New Year celebration?

How about Ann's Almond Joy bark. You can't go wrong with a mix of chocolate, coconut and almonds!

You can find some of our favorite appetizers {here}
I especially love our Nuts and Bolts snack mix,
plus the hot artichoke dip-yum!

Time to get right to our first Funtastic Friday of 2021...

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