Thursday, March 29, 2018

Funtastic Friday #172

We've been busy around here,
 finishing up middle school basketball and beginning club soccer.
The big news is that we are getting ready for a kitchen remodel!!
This was needed since we moved in 12 years ago--
and finally the hubs got on board.
Hoping to have some posts soon ;) 
Enjoy your Easter weekend!
We get a 3 day weekend starting tomorrow.
Our plans: need to clean out a couple rooms, attend a church pot luck/Easter egg hunt, go hiking, listen to some conference , possibly bake cinnamon rolls, soccer game, finish painting a child size rocking chair for a friend, cook and eat a little Easter dinner/bunny basket candy ;) Just the usual...

Maybe that's why Tania's bath bombs caught my eye....

Stack of bath bombs created with the lush bath bomb recipe

I need to relax! 
Enjoy your weekend and Funstatic Friday....

Funtastic Friday Poster

Thursday, March 22, 2018

Funtastic Friday #171

Back to school for us after a great Spring Break last week.
Boy, Monday was hard to get back into the swing of things ;)

Non Sandwich Lunch Box Ideas

Getting back to school made me want to revamp our school lunches.
Sara has some fun ideas for something besides a sandwich.

And we've got 6 more ways to refresh school lunches

We can't forget about Easter!
It's coming up fast!

You can find all our Easter ideas {here}

Now on to the Party!

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Funtastic Friday #170

Spring is here in Texas!
Looking for a wreath for home.
Tania has this simply easy Easter egg hoop wreath that we're lovin'.

Easter wreath made with an embroidery hoop. Moss is hot glued on the bottom with foam pastel colored easter eggs on top of the moss. There is a pink ribbon tied in a bow on the top of the wreath.

We've got our hello Spring holiday board up too. 

How are you decorating for Spring? 
Looking forward to getting more ideas from this week's link party.
Let's get it started....

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Funtastic Friday #169

We're getting ready for Spring Break next week!
And St. Patrick's day too.
Do you have any fun traditions for that day of green?

A delicious waffle bar that is as colorful as the rainbow! Fresh fruit, cream, and waffles combine for the perfect St. Patrick's Day breakfast (or dinner!) that the whole family will love.

Brandy has this cute  rainbow waffle bar for the kids.

It reminds me of our Mini Fruit Pizzas.

How about some Leprechan Trail Mix

with green M&Ms for St. Pats.
More St. Patrick's Day ideas {here}

Now on to this week's Funtastic Link Party!

Thursday, March 1, 2018

Funtastic Friday #168

Welcome back to another Funtastic Friday!
This week has been a quiet one for me,
which was a much needed break in our crazy schedules.

Baked Parmesan & Panko Portobello Fries |

Jacqueline has the recipe for these baked parmesan Portobello mushrooms. 
Don't they sound and look so good!? 
Portobello mushrooms are some of my faves. 
And I love those little metal fryer baskets she has them in! 


Reminds me of Kristin's fried zucchini 
and Carrie's bacon stuffed mushrooms.

Maybe I'll just make appetizers for dinner!

Now, let's get to this week's link party!

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