Thursday, March 26, 2020

Funtastic Friday #273

There are some upsides to the current national social distancing. 
Doing more and getting connected with our family is the big one.
Baking, doing puzzles, going on walks, exercising, video chatting, reading, art/craft projects and working in /outside the house on up keep & cleaning.
It's great to finally get some long awaited projects done around the house.
Just planted a garden this morning and cleaning out a closet this afternoon. 

Spray Bottle with kitchen sponge and yellow flowerLois has a natural recipe for an all purpose cleaner.
Now is a good time to try it out if you've run out at home.

Add a little organizing/cleaning out to your daily plans.
Make your list of the areas you want to tackle in the next few weeks.
And chip away at it each day. 
The place that always gets put off being organized for me
happens to be the craft room.
Things just get "thrown" in that room to be put away "later". 
With some extra kids home, I'm hoping to get this space reorganized soon!
It's on my list!

But first....
Welcome to Funtastic Friday Link Party! 
Let's keep making and sharing our posts to keep people inspired and active in their homes.
 Keep up the good work friends. Stay home. Stay healthy. 
We will be through this sooner than you believe. 
Remember to take it one day at a time. 
We will be on the other side of this soon.

Monday, March 23, 2020

Over 36 Craft Projects & Activities for Teens and Tweens

Today we're rounding up some of our favorite posts
of crafts and activities for teens and tweens
that will save you from hearing "mom I'm bored".

Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Funtastic Friday #272

Hope you're able to make the most of all the extended spring breaks!
Time to work on those projects you've put off,
things you've Pinned,
a new recipe,
or read a good book.
How about prepping for Easter.

Pamela has the simple instructions to make these pastel, speckled eggs.
It reminded me of speckling your tole painted crafts as part of the finishing process ;) 
And it's a definite must for these eggs
 -she tells you the perfect way to do it. 

Another fun egg decor idea...

is our paint chip Easter egg banner.
There is so much you can do with this banner by the choice of your color combinations.

Carrie tells us all about the tradition of eggs in Germany for Easter {here}
This would be a great project for your kids who are home for a few weeks. 
Have them paint some paper mache eggs, string them together and display.
Pick up some at your local craft store 
or order them {here} or {here}.

Time for Funtastic Friday!


Monday, March 16, 2020

24 Craft Projects & Activities to do with Kids

Are you stuck at home because of the virus 
and wondering what you're going to do with the kids for weeks?

Organize your days and have a craft time!
Kids love creating and using their imagination so
try one or all of our 24 ideas to keep the little ones occupied.

Thursday, March 12, 2020

Fantastic Friday #271

We've got Spring Break next week and I can't wait!

Dollar store craftsbut first...
it's time for a bit of Spring refresh around the house. 
I've been wanting to put together a stacked book grouping for the mantle.
I even have some old books, just waiting for paint and twine.
Sarah has just the inspiration with her home sweet home stack.
This is on my list to finish before the weekend!

I've got the front porch swept and our Hello Spring board up.
Heading out to get some flowers for the pots by the front door too.
Welcome Spring!

Looking forward to all your spring d├ęcor, recipes, DIY, and Easter posts this week!
so let's get right to Funtastic Friday!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Funtastic Friday #270

Hope you had a great week!
If you're like us, it seems like life is just getting busier.
Even with just one at home,
when you add in working, booster club and church youth group,
it seems like we are always on the run, especially at dinner time.

Family Mealtime Conversation Starters

Joy has a great idea to slow things down and have a real conversation around the dinner table. 
She even has conversation starter cards to get the talking going.
This is my new goal,
to connect better at meal time. 

It also has me thinking of special occasion meals.
Another great time to re-connect,
often with extended family and friends. 

Like the time we threw a 50th wedding anniversary party for our parents.
You can check out all the table decor, games and family fun {here}

It's time now for another week of Funtastic Friday!
Here we go...
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