Tuesday, October 29, 2019

Spooky Fun Halloween Table

Today we're putting together our spooky dinner table for Halloween.
Add a little fun to your table for a party or your family 
to make the night special.
Keep it simple and use what  you already have around the house.
And maybe add one or two new items.

Start out with a table runner.
I had this burlap runner with spiders and webs on each end. 
Then I added two six yard pieces of cheese cloth.
Looks just like bandages and cheaper than what you'll fin in the Halloween décor section.

I had some of this black gauzy fabric from a previous year
and layered that on the runner.
It's all about layering...

Next, add your big decor item.
New purchase this year was this fun cut out bucket.
Stick an electric candle in the middle.
Use candles in your arrangement- they'll add that spooky factor when the lights are dimmed.
Electric are the best, you can leave them "lit" 
and go about the rest of your night without watching an open flame. 

Start adding in medium size pieces from your Halloween decorations.
Party hat jack-o-lanntern.

Think of the materials you're using.
I already had that metal bucket, so wanted a few more metal items to tie things together.
Like this metal stand,
with creepy skulls and eyeballs.
Plus my potion bottle--add a "drink me" tag.

Fill in the spaces with smaller items lite
this glass owl and stacked pumpkins.

Adding height with layers,
a smaller metal stand holds the Boo! bucket I had, topped with smilie jack.
Go one step further and add some goodies to munch on...

Doesn't adding the candy make a big difference?
Love these caramel candy corns!

Had to add my party crow!

It's looking good!
Now for the plates.
Create layers...

Start with a large plate, charger or mat.

Add a smaller plate.
Found these paper plates with reflective webs.

Top with a treat, napkin, small décor item, candle, or mini pumpkin.
This is a real mini that I painted black.

I had a few of these mini metal buckets with spooky designs-love this skull
Didn't have enough for the whole table so
alternated mini black pumpkin with the little buckets.

Don't forget your chandelier.

You could use more cheese cloth and drape it or have things hanging down.
I already had these glittered spiders hanging from ribbon.
They were just wood cut outs painted and glittered.

Ready for dinner tonight.

I'll turn on the candles when it gets dark.
And play some spooky music.

Happy Halloween my "little pretties"
Come and dine
and have a hauntingly good time!

Source Guide:
cheese cloth: Walmart
large/mini metal buckets: Home Goods
black creepy cloth: Dollar General
skulls: Dollar General
eye balls: Dollar Store
wood spider: Hobby Lobby
table runner: Marshalls
paper plates: Home Goods
mini pumpkins/real: local grocery store
electric candles: Hobby Lobby
colored glass bottles: Hobby Lobby

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