Sunday, October 31, 2021

Dollar Store Day of the Dead Wreath

 We just love the art and designs associated with Day of the Dead.

This Hispanic tradition is prevalent in our community. 

It begins Oct 31 and ends November 2.

Its a celebration to honor and remember loved ones who have passed on

 and help welcome them to their spirit home. 

I was out at the dollar store and was excited to find a wood sugar skull cut out!

I knew we needed this in our Halloween decor!

They also had these fun flower clips, in the best D of D colors.
The idea to put them all together in a wreath was born!
I found this wood wreath at the store too. 
A finished wreath for under $10!

I took some stamping ink and brushed it around the cut outs to give the hint of color.
Then added white paint over the top
and sprinkled on some glitter while the paint was still wet so it sticks.

You could have a lot of fun adding darker colors and designs to your sugar skull.
This Halloween I was into a lot of black and white decor so wanted to keep mine simple.

Pull the clips off the flowers.
Hot glue your flowers and the skull to wreath form. 

Happy Day of the Dead!
Check out our kid's Day of the Dead Sugar Skull craft {here}

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