Sunday, November 7, 2021

Liz Marie Inspired White Pumpkins

 This year as I scrolled through Instagram to get some inspo.

for Halloween decor, I stopped dead in my tracks when 

I saw Liz Marie's front porch in white pumpkins!

Can you even?
ok, these jack-o-lanterns are amazing!
I love the clean look of the all white pumpkins
plus, knew this look would fit perfectly with 
my black & white Trick-Or-Treat board.
I started my hunt for plastic, carved face pumpkins
and that was tough.
Not a lot of selection.
I ended up finding 6.
-some at Target, Lowes and Walmart.
I'm thinking I'll pick up new ones each year.
My "big" jack-o-lantern was part of another display 
at the store which was missing parts. 
I ended up getting this incomplete piece for $10! 
Brought my "goodies" home and started to spray paint.

For best results,
use a matt white that includes primer
and spray in layers. 
It will take a little time.
These are looking great already!

So happy with how these white pumpkins turned out!
Three of the pumpkins had a battery operated insert at the bottom
to light the pumpkins.
I didn't have that size battery!
So I just decided to rip off that bottom panel
and use the battery operated candles/tealights that I already had on hand.
The big pumpkin had a plug in light that wasn't working, so used
a chunky battery candle there too. 
The "candle look" gives it more of that jack-o-lantern feel anyway.
The other 2 had bulb inserts that plugged in.

Am I right? They work so well with that sign!
An excellent alternative to real pumpkins if you live in a hot climate too.

And this little pup is curious about these white pumpkins!

Liz Marie inspired!
Turned out awesome and just the new idea I needed
 for our front porch jack-o-lanterns.
Can't wait to add more in the upcoming years. 

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  1. Your pumpkins are the cutest!! Such a festive look for Halloween 😊


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