Chartcuterie for a Crowd

Chartcuterie boards are a great appetizer for a crowd.
The perfect snack variety until the "main event" meal!
Today we're putting together a basic board 
with some food you might already have around the house
and a few added in extras.

Start with a wood cutting board. 
If you don't have a large board, 
add in some ramekins in various sizes. 
You can find them {here} or {here} 
or really at any store with kitchen ware. 

Decide on your food items.
Include cheeses, meats, crackers, breads, fruit, and vegies.
Other things to add could be dips, dried fruit, pickles, olives and nuts.

Start with grouping your foods on the board.
Add in the ramekins around.

I left a space for these fun "EAT" napkins at the top of the board.
It's as simple as that. 
Have fun with it!

The perfect appetizer to hold us over until Thanksgiving dinner!