Friday, January 16, 2015

Earthy Wreath

When I took off my Christmas wreath from our kitchen pantry's door, I was so disappointed not seeing it any more. I loved having a wreath in my kitchen. So, I decided to make one. I'm calling this wreath, Earthy Wreath, since I'm not sure what else to name it :)

Buy a twig wreath along with some floral stems. I chose to buy predominantly white and green floral stems.

With wire pliers, start cutting your stems to varying lengths. Measure your stems up to your wreath to see just how long you want them before cutting. Once your stem is cut to the proper length, find the perfect spot for it. You'll want to test to see how you'll be able to glue it in. Map it out first so you don't have a moment of panic trying to figure out how to get the stem in the wreath while your glue cools off. Next, with a hot glue gun, put a generous amount of glue at the bottom of the stem and intertwine it into the wreath. Do this process one stem at a time.

Here's my wreath mid-way through the process. Keep cutting and gluing until your wreath is to your satisfaction.

Close-up of the floral stems I chose.

My finished wreath! Love how it looks in my kitchen and the natural component it brings to the room!

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