Friday, January 9, 2015

Valentine's Mailboxes

I know it is a little early but if your Target is anything like the one by my home, these mailboxes will be gone in the next two weeks or so. I just saw them this week in the dollar section. We use our mailboxes every Valentine's and my kids love the tradition! (We've been using our mailboxes to celebrate Valentine's Day I think for four years now.) Here's how we use them: Once the mailboxes are bought, take them home and decorate! I decorated my boxes with a friend which made the experience even more fun. We were like giddy little kids back in elementary school :) We used scrapbook paper and stickers. This project took no time at all. That's how I approach Valentine's Day - lots of fun but no fuss. Then, put your mailboxes out. I usually put ours out two weeks before Valentine's Day. It is an exciting day in our household when my children see them out! Finally, fill the boxes up! I don't put something in them everyday. There is usually something in them every couple of days or so. My kids know to look at the flag. If the flag is up, then they have mail. Some ideas on how to fill your mailboxes: love notes, little candies, chocolate, a little gift (i.e. Lego mini figures, pencils, jelly bracelets, etc). Now that my kids are getting older, I have caught them writing notes to each other and putting them in each other's mailboxes. On Valentine's Day morning, my husband and I leave a clue in their mailboxes. The clue sends them on personal scavenger hunts to find their small gift from dad and mom. Like I said, lots of fun!

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