Tuesday, January 13, 2015

"You're Sweet" Printable Tags and Treats

Here is an easy and cute Valentine treat to give to friends.  You'll need:
your favorite red or pink candy
 (I used valentine peanut M&Ms, regular valentine M&Ms and sugar coated cherry jelly hearts) 
ribbon and bakers twine
scrapbook paper 12"x12"
 (cut down to 8 1/2"x 11" to fit in your printer & save the scrap piece)
red, pink or white card stock
paper cutter, glue, hole punch
small mason jars

This year I found these fun, sized half pint jars at my local grocery store.  I hadn't seen this size before, but it is perfect for just a little "sweet treat" for one person.  

Print off the {you are sweet} tag on your scrapbook paper.  Two pages of tags are here.  One with "Happy Valentines Day" added to the tag and the other without.  Decide which page you want to use and then print that page.  Cut out around your tag with a scrapbook paper cutter.  Cut out your card stock so there will be about a 1/4" border around the scrapbook paper.  Glue down.

Then punch a hole on the end of your tag. (I happened to have a heart punch)  Cut a long piece of bakers twine.  Fold your twine in half and put the folded end through the hole, then take the ends of the string and put them through the hole.  Gently pull tight, like this:


Fill your jar with candy. Tie the tag around the jar.  Tie a piece of ribbon around the ring.

Get your extra piece of scrapbook paper that you cut off earlier.  Trace around the jar lid. Cut out the circle. Put the paper on top and then the ring.  This gives more of a finished look to the top.

One year, I had a group of 8-11 year old girls make these up for elderly ladies in our church.  These fun treats are ready to go to someone who needs some extra love, your family  or your "sweetest" friend.

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