Sunday, January 4, 2015

Feed the Angry Bee

I was talking with a friend a couple of years ago expressing my desire to build up my kids more. I was commenting how some days I can just tell that my children had a bad day at school. Whether they were teased, got the cold shoulder from a friend or did poorly on an assignment, kids can get "beat up" a lot when they are away from home. She told me about "Feed the Angry Bee." I loved the idea and immediately went home and put the idea into action. It is quite simple. We have a mason jar with a bee picture taped to it. In the jar, are folded pieces of paper with each family member's name including mom and dad. Each night at dinner, we draw a name from the jar. We then go around the table and each family member says one thing they love about that person. As we share our love for that individual, you can just see a smile break out across that person's face or watch them sit up a little taller or cover their face with delighted embarrassment. Everyone needs to hear how important they are! (At times, when we have visitors - like grandma and grandpa - we will have them be the person on dinner spotlight.) The person who was picked will then draw the name the following night. Like I said, we've been doing this dinner time tradition for about two years now and my kids still shriek with excitement when their name is picked! (Mom and dad do as well :) Sometimes the littlest things, can make big impact!

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