Friday, January 30, 2015

Mama's Cafe (aka Leftover Night)

Leftover night can sometimes be dull and a reason for kids to complain.  We like to make our leftover night a reason for fun!  Instead of calling it leftovers, we open our "restaurant" Mama's Cafe. 
 The kids help make a menu and list our leftovers as entrees.  We offer a couple choices for a fruit or vegetable for a side (fun to choose) and sometimes we will make an appetizer- such as sliced bread, cheese and crackers, something we can put a toothpick in! We also put "Chef Surprise" on the menu, which is a simple dish (such a spaghetti) that I put together as a secret.    
Someone gets to be the waiter, someone gets to pour the water or drinks and bring the appetizer, and someone gets to help me in the kitchen.  It is really fun and my kids really enjoy it.  To make it extra fun, let one of your kids choose the decoration for the centerpiece.  It could be a Lego creation, candles, My Little Pony collection- their choice.  I also keep a couple tablecloths on hand as well as an after dinner mint to make it special.   At the end of the meal, our Dad is often given a "bill"- nice try!~

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