Be My Valentine Banner

Will you by my Valentine?  Make our February banner this weekend to hang in your home for the month.  You'll need:

5 pieces of card stock (8 1/2 x 11)
10 pieces of scrapbook paper (8 1/2 x 11)
1 package 1/2" wide DOUBLE FOLD bias tape
Elmer's glue, pencil scissors, sewing machine

I made one banner in reds with different scrapbook papers for each letter.  This one is all pinks with the heart in a different paper and the letter flags all the same.  Mix and match it how you would like.  First print off your banner flags.  Print page 1 on one piece of scrapbook paper, page 2 on one piece of card stock, page 3 on just white computer paper (this will be a pattern) and pages 4-12 on scrapbook paper.  

Cut out your flag pattern and trace it on the card stock.  You can fit 2 on a page.  Cut 9 flags.

Cut all your other banner pieces.

Glue the "be my" heart onto the heart in card stock.  Glue the scrapbook letter flags onto the card stock flags with top edges matching. 

Put your flag pieces in the order you will be sewing them.  

Measure in about 12" on your bias tape and insert the heart.  

Back stitch and start sewing down the middle of the bias tape.

Insert the "V" flag about 2"after the heart.

Insert each flag about 1 cm after the other.  

Back stitch at the end and measure another 12", then cut the bias tape.  You are done!  I thought I'd add some "frill" since this is for Valentines.  Cut two each of 3 to 5 pieces of ribbon in 10" strips. 

Lay your 2 sets out with the widest piece on the bottom working up to the thinnest.

Tie once around each side of your banner.

Love how this one turned out in all pinks and chevron.  Happy Valentines Day!


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