Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year Time Capsule

This is the time of year to set goals and make resolutions.  In our family we like to make a New Year Time Capsule.  At the beginning of each New Year, we gather together for a special family night.  We talk about what we hope will happen and what we hope to do in the New Year.  We set goals individually and as a family.  These hopes and goals range wildly, but we try to have the kids make a goal for school, church, and an activity.  We always have "going to Disneyland" as a hope for our family to do in the new year (maybe this year!!) but have set goals in the past for tying shoes to making the swim team to learning to play piano or even being potty trained!  We put all these hopes and goals in a time capsule (an old white box I have) and save it for the next New Years to open.  The goals we also post in our home for us to work toward, but the hopes and dreams we save.  When the next New Year rings in, we gather again and see how we did.  Its really fun!  We all discuss the highlights of the year and the parts that were the hardest.  Everyone contributes something that for them was a great accomplishment and difficult time as well.  I record all these goals, ideas, and our review of the year in a binder.  This binder has been a great way to keep a kind of family journal and a fun way to look back and see our progress.  We have not included pictures, but that would be fun as well to have a member of the family be the year's photographer.  We have really enjoyed looking back on the years we have spent together as we review our binder and talk about all the wonderful memories and funny moments!  Happy New Year!!

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