Monday, January 19, 2015

Embark in the Service of God--block and printable

Every year our church has a theme for the {youth}. This year's theme encourages them to serve those around them, giving it their all --then they will be serving God.  Print off your own copy of the theme here:

You can also make this fun block with the quote.  Send the printable to Sams or Costco and have it made into 4x6 photos.  Or just print that size from your computer onto card stock.  Next, cut a wood 2x4 into 6 inch blocks.  Home Depot and Lowes will give you 1 or 2 straight cuts on any piece of wood you are purchasing for free. If they are not busy, they might cut more. :) Otherwise it is  .25 cents a cut after that.  Sand any rough edges.  I stained my blocks with this weathered gray wood stain.  If you stain your wood.  Let it sit over night to dry.  You can also paint your wood blocks with a craft acrylic paint.  

Trim just the sides of your 4x6 print to fit the block.  Apply a coat of Modge Podge to the top of the block.  Make sure it is totally coated, but not a thick coat. While the surface is still wet, place the picture on top.  (to avoid air bubbles under your photo, make sure the surface of the block is still wet with Modge Podge--it is any dry patches on the wood that will cause an air bubble)   If using a photo and to avoid getting glue on the photo finish, cover the top with parchment paper.  Rub the photo on to the bock, especially around the edges.  Remove your parchment paper.  Now find some cute ribbon to tie along the top.  I also found this diamond charm to glue over the ribbon knot.  

A great reminder to give it all your "might, mind and strength" as you serve others this year!  

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