Thursday, December 29, 2016

Top 10 Posts of 2016

It's been a great 2016!
Today we're counting down your favorite,
most viewed posts of the year!

We couldn't resist a few honorable mentions:

Girl's Weekend Goodie Bag
Easter Table Ideas Round up
Easter Nest Cookies
Cinnamon Bread
Circus Cookie Pillows
Grill Master Aprons
Clothespin Picture Frame
Emergency Box

Now on to the official countdown!

 First up, coming in at number 10 was Easter Egg Wall Art.
A cute and easy craft.

Next at number were these fun Teacher Tags.  
We attached them to a painted mason jar with little cactus for teacher appreciation week.

Number was the super sized Jenga.
Just up a couple notches up in size but still small enough to easily transport around.
Fun for a crowd!

At number 7, for Valentines day we made Ferrero Rocher Cupcakes 
With chocolaty Nutella buttercream frosting. The Rocher chocolate is the surprise in the cupcake center. 

Another Valentine favorite at number is the Hugs and Kisses xoxo board.

Buttermilk Biscuits was the number 5 post.
Buttery, flaky and easy too--think I need to go make some biscuits!

In at number 4 was our Harry Potter printable bookmarks and a tote bag too.
The latest Harry Potter book coming out last summer and
our trip to Harry Potter World were the inspiration.

 A surprise at numberthe printable General Conference Takis.
I love giving out fun reminders like this to the kids I teach,
encouraging them to watch a conference of inspirational talks. ("talkis")

Who would have guessed at number 2 was Potato Cakes,
A simple, delicious side dish with Kristin's herb sour cream recipe included!

Drum roll, the number top viewed post welcomed in spring.
Hello Spring holiday board!
The turquoise board color and the script "hello" are my favorite parts of this board.
You can find our other holiday boards {here}.

Thanks for making this our top 10!
We'll have more great posts with recipes, crafts, and decor in 2017! 


  1. Love the spring sign! I can't wait to say hello to Spring!

    1. Thanks Angie! That is one of my favorites of our holiday boards.

  2. Lots of fun ideas here. The Easter egg wall art is adorable as is the spring sign. But what really caught my eye was the food! Those cupcakes have to be made! Pinning for future consumption.

    1. For sure! Make them for a special event-Valentines day!


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