Friday, April 22, 2016

Power's Out Emergency Box

The power goes out fairly often in my neck of the woods.  And when it does, you really want to know where your flashlights are!  We decided to help be more prepared by making an emergency box.  It is a simple box that contains useful items for a brief power outage- up to a couple hours.  We store it in a spot that everyone in the family knows about. It is also complimentary, or can be added to a more thorough 72 hour kit for longer emergencies.  
Our emergency box contains:

- 12 bottles of water
-wet wipes
-fire lighters, for candles or fireplace
-lots of batteries, a box for every flashlight type and needed tool we use
-flashlights, one for every member in the family
-clip on flashlight (so cool, a flashlight you can clip on your shirt to free up your hands)
-Candles, for our candle sticks
-Nutrition bars (helps to have a healthy snack)
-Peanut butter crackers (another healthy snack, we like to eat in emergencies)
-a fun treat, we like Swedish Fish
-a couple fun games to pass the time

Due to the food, water, and batteries in our emergency box, we plan on refreshing our box every spring and summer (general conference time).   That way, we can always eat and use what is inside!   This is a great box to put together for tornado, hurricane, and monsoon seasons which are looming just around the corner.  Add area specific items to your box or you could also include:  glow sticks, first aid kit, or a blanket.    Remember, this kit's purpose is to support a brief power outage.   

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